Diamonds In The Rough……

Of all the crappy Bollywood movies I have watched over the years, there are a few gems which I found lying in the mass of rubbish.

All of these are low budget, rather unheard of movies. I never found out when they released and when they came on the screens, if at all they did.

The actors are little known but have managed to pull on a startlingly good performance.

But more than anything else, these movies manage to touch a chord somewhere in my heart.

I thought, I would compile a list of such movies for those friends of mine, who like to watch something else than the regular commercial movies.

Manjunath (2014)‬ : Based on the true story of IIM student Manjunath Shanmugham who was shot dead by the Petrol Pump Mafia.

‎Bandook‬ (2013): The rise of Bhola Kevat, apparently another true story based in the heartlands of UP

‎BA‬ Pass (2013): Though most people would know this movie for its hot scenes, it also exposes some of the dirty little secrets of the high society. Also the way the life story of the hero was dealt with was very touching.

Miss‬ Lovely (2014): This movie deals with the underbelly of the bollywood B Grade film industry. Look out for Nawazuddin’s super performance, as usual.

‎Udaan‬ (2010): Deals with the story of a 16 yr old boy and his abusive father. Fantastic performances and a great story.

Gulaal‬ (2009): This is one of the more popular movies of the lot. However, I have included this one in the list solely for the way it has been shot. Based on college politics and local Mafiaso.

Chalo‬ Dilli (2011): A very light hearted tale with a twist in the end. Its got Vinay Pathak in it, which makes it a super watch.

‎IAm‬ (2010): Four stories with some brilliant performances. If you find it, do watch it

‎Lakshmi‬ (2014): Its a Nagesh Kukunoor movie. Tackles the subject of child prostitution.

‎DilDostiEtc‬ (2007): Love college based movies. Though this one was promoted a bit coz it had Naseer’s son in it. It still remained unseen by many coz it didnt stay in theaters much.

‎Mirch‬ (2010): Now this one offbeat story which I loved watching. Thank God I dont go by the box-office collections for a movie.

Ofcourse this list is not exhaustive. I have tried to keep it to the recent years. Ofcourse if I go beyond 2007 the list would be endless. But then again most of the oldies are pretty popular already.

Oh yes and I havent watched all the movies in the world. So if someone remembers a movie which he/she has liked and is not in this list, please let me know.

Some movies, albeit off-beat have not been included since they have big names associated with them

Disclaimer: Yes I have these movies with me ….. NO I will not give them to you Go buy your own copies

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