Farmer’s Suicides … An Effective Solution by the Arm Chair Critic…

I heard our ‪‎PM‬ ‪‎Modi‬ today on his radio show ‪‎Mann Ki Baat‬ …. or was it Monkey Bath??

The Opposition says Modi is misleading the farmers. Modi says opposition is misleading the farmers. Farmers in general are confused and want to stop being led by anyone.

That said, I could totally understand where Modi was coming from and I certainly DONT understand why the Farmers are crying so much, about this Land Acquisition Bill.

Well, firstly the state of the farmers, in our country, is horrible.

Secondly, the farmers, everywhere in India, are committing suicide, Left, Right and Center !!!

Thirdly the farmers are supposed to be the poorest people in the country !!!

And Lastly, they dont even get water or power to farm their lands.

And Modi ji plans to sort this whole mess out with one simple stroke of genius !!!!!

“Take Away Their Land” … They wont remain farmers anymore. So their woes end !!!!! Right??

Na Rahega Baans, Na Bajegi Bansuri !!!

Such a simple and effective solution. And yet these farmers don’t understand !!! Bah !!!

Let the Ambanis and the Adanis of this world do all the hard work. Why do these farmers want to work so hard in their farms under the boiling sun !!!!

Once this is done, even the farmers…. ex-farmers….. can sit back in their air conditioned drawing rooms, have scotch and “tsk tsk” everytime‪ Arnab Goswami‬ screams “National Shame”.

Disclaimer: Damn, central air-condition not working in this heat and I think I am going to be out of scotch .. and why the hell isnt the ‪News Hour‬ re-run starting??!!!!

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