Has the Bihar Election Result had any Effect??

The Bihar Election seems to be having its effect in some way.

I managed to meet a few people today who are all staunch supporters of the BJP PM Modi and have always had very high expectations from him.

Almost all of them had a simple view that “Enough is Enough”.

They all said that its high time Modi stops his “Showbaazi” and starts spending some time on the actual development in the country.

There were no rhetoric about “What were you doing in 1984?”.

No excuses, no illogical comebacks. They seemed to be in a mode of introspection.

It was actually heartening to notice that for the first time these people who are known “Sanghis” and in organizations which are basically RSS dominated were thinking about the Country more than about Modi, for a change.

If it was the Bihar defeat which had opened their eyes, nothing better than that.

And then came in a young enterprising guy who is also a Senior officer in the same organization.

“Bloody Biharis, they are fit to be a Rickshaw Walas”, he screamed, “They are stupid idiots who have made a horrible decision. They don’t know whats good for them.”

This person, obviously knew better about Bihar and the Biharis than the entire population of Bihar.

The others were visibly embarrassed and smiled at me sheepishly.

I was grinning happily. Atleast the Bhakts are not dead.

Thats cool, coz its these Bhakts that keep the Social Networks alive and give me the fodder for my posts 🙂

Now, I can only hope that the people who are actually in the Government start to introspect on “Where they Went Wrong”, rather than trying to find “Who To Blame For Their Defeat”. If they can manage to do that, I am sure we will seeing a changed BJP.

Coz, when people start voting for the likes of Laloo Prasad Yadav and Congress over and above YOU, One has to realize that what he/she is doing is very very wrong.

But then again, Some people learn from mistakes ……. Some people never learn …. Its the other type of people who are usually the source of constant entertainment 😉

Disclaimer: It is always better to be a Rickshaw wala than a Corrupt Criminal. Atleast they earn their money through sheer hardwork and not through cheating other people.

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