If Hurricanes Were Named After our Indian Politicians ….. Would They React Differently??

What Would Happen if Hurricanes and Cyclones were Named after our Politicians !!! 😉

It’s funny how the cyclones and hurricanes are named.

I have noticed that most of the naturally disastrous storms in the US, in recent times have been named after pretty women.

Is that because women are considered to be disastrous?? Perhaps, in the US??

In India, however, we are rather silly at naming our cyclones. The recent one is being called Hud Hud !!!!

I wonder if it’s named after the words we use to scare a dog away (hud hud kutte hud) or it’s an ode to Salman Khan (Hud Hud Dabangg).

In either case it did get me wondering about some better names for these natural disasters.

In fact, since the biggest disasters for our country have been our politicians, naming the storms after them would only be only justified.

Also perhaps the storms would behave in a typical manner if they are named after someone, you know, like get its character traits?

ManMohan Singh: The Silent Storm

The MMS would be a rather silent storm; it will strike while you are sleeping. You won’t hear it coming and by the time it’s gone you would be in shambles with no clue as to how in the hell all this happened? In some time you will even forget it’s existence.

Cyclone Uddhav Thackrey

Cyclone Uddhav would only target a specific part of the country; you will never encounter it beyond the Western India. It would make loud noises and break a few glasses before subsiding into silence.

Hurricane Raj Thackrey

Hurricane Raj will be making a lot of noise. It will actually come up with predictions of taking an entire state with… errr … storm. Blueprints will be shown of mass destruction occurring. But in the end all it will probably end up is like a storm in your tea cup

Deadly RaGa Cylone

The North Western Italian winds might stir up the deadly RaGa. Now this will be unlike any other storm. Instead of being focused it will be all over the place like wind without any direction. It will hem and it will haw and at the end people will ignore it and get about to doing their regular chores. The best this storm would do is lightly tickling you while you sleep. Whenever someone says RaGa is coming, people will start laughing

Tsunami NaMo

Now the most popular of all these storms will be Tsunami NaMo. This will be accompanied by a huge amount of thunder and blinding lightning that will make the entire country (and the world) stand up and take notice. It will keep thundering throughout its appearance and will never let you forget that you have a storm coming up on you. This will usually arrive right after an MMS storm and will be credited for most of the destruction that has been caused by the previous storms. What destruction this storm will cause is yet to be determined, when I asked the MET Dept about it, they told me “Please have patience, this storm doesn’t do anything overnight, you will know what happens when it happens”. The thunder and lightning however will continue to blind.

This one will also be termed as the “Biggest Storm of the Century” before it has uprooted even a single tree

Hurricane Arvind Kejriwal

And then there will the Hurricane Kejriwal. Now this one will be really scary. It will approach the shores of India with tremendous speed. People would be in awe at the amount of momentum it will develop in a short span of time. And then at the last moment, it will quickly turn away and go back into the sea and disappear into oblivion

Disclaimer: The data and storm characteristics have been determined based on reports received from the MET Dept and Anjaan Daruwala, hence are speculative. If any of these storms behave differently shoot the sources and not the messenger.

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