If You Are So Secure about Your Religion, Do you Really Have to Shout it Out from the Rooftops??

These days there are a lot of people who come out and say “I am #Proud to be So and So (Religion)”

And it always makes me wonder. Aren’t we supposed to be Proud of our Achievements?? So what exactly was our achievement in being born in some Religion?? What was our contribution to the act of being born as a Hindu or a Muslim or a Christian or something else??

Wouldn’t it be better if we are proud of WHAT we are than WHO we are, by default??

Those who are secure about their own Identity don’t find the need to shout it out from the roof tops.

Those who are secure about their own Religion don’t need to keep stressing its importance to anyone else.

And then there are the others who say, “How long can I continue to sit by and let others disrespect my religion? Now I will Fight back too”.

While one might see this as a Unification of people under one Umbrella of a particular Religion, doesn’t it actually Divide us from the Larger Umbrella of Humanity??

When we Choose to stick to a myopic view about the World and confine yourself to your own Umbrella, aren’t we restricting ourselves from seeing the Sky as a Whole??

When we say that someone Forces us to do that, aren’t we actually letting those people win?? Coz, isn’t it their ultimate game to divide us over petty things so that the bigger picture can evade us??

If a Dog barks at an Elephant, the Elephant still continues to remain an Elephant. He doesn’t turn into a Mouse. The Elephant knows that, that’s why he doesn’t bother to respond but continues on his path.

Those who are really following their religions, don’t get upset when someone else tries to Disrespect it.

Those who think that their God expects minions to defend Him by killing others, is actually himself disrespecting the very God that he swears to respect by making Him appear so weak that He needs to hide behind mere mortals to protect himself.

Disclaimer: For further such profound lectures on God and Religion (or anything else for that matter) please feel free to approach me with a Bottle of Glenlivet 18 years old. Thanks.

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