Lip-O-Suck(tion) me Virat, Says Rakhi Sawant

If you want to blame anyone for Virat Kohli getting out on 3 against Bangladesh today in the ‪IND vs BAN‬ match, there is only one person that you have to look for.

It’s none other than our dear Rakhi Sawant !!!! O Jijus !!

‪Rakhi Sawant‬ went Public yesterday !!!

No !! Not the way you think 😛

She just went on record in Public, confessing her Love, for the young Cricket Star.

Not only did she declare her love for Virat (she actually accepted his love which he hasnt offered) but she also wants Virat to “swell up her lips like Anushka” LOL

Well, if its only about swelling up the lips, Mika Singh had tried. I am sure he would still be ready to offer his services to Rakhi 😉

But this has obviously scared the crap out of ‪Virat Kohli‬.

He has hastily hidden his Lip Swelling Pump in the dressing room. So if you find any of his Team mates with swollen lips on the Field, you know who has been secretly experimenting with that pump wink emoticon

Ofcourse, Anushka Sharma is totally fuming.

No !! Not because Rakhi has set her eyes on her beau, but because Rakhi took a dig at Anushka’s Lip Job.

However,  after watching Anushka in ‪NH10‬, I have a feeling that if anyone is going to give Rakhi Sawant a swollen lip, it might just be ‪AnushkaSharma 😉

Disclaimer: I hope the Indian Cricket team wins the Quarter Finals against Bangladesh today, or someone is definitely going to end up with a fat lip.

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