Move Over IIT and IIM, India launches its Biggest Educational Institute ……. ‪‎IIN‬ (Idea Internet Network) !!!!

The Major institutes like IIT and IIM are suddenly finding their lecture halls empty with students opting more for the comfort of their homes than going to actual classrooms.

‪‎Smriti Irani‬ must have been Zonked at the ease at which Education is now available in India !!!!

It took Smriti Irani, SIX WHOLE DAYS to get a degree from Yale, but on IIN you can get a degree within minutes.

No lectures, No classroom activity, No exams !!!! Education has never been this easy.

IIN offers a varied range of courses from Quantum Physics to Vedic Science.

So, basically you can learn about Einstien’s theories and see them being shattered by Reverse Flying, Planet Hopping Planes tongue emoticon

The Basic IIN Course consists of a practical walk-through of “How to use Smartphones” and “How to Install important Life Saving Apps, like Facebook and Whatsapp.

The Advanced Course includes training courses on “How to Photoshop images” and “How to spread rumors on Social Media for Dummies. Vol II”.

And if you do manage to move beyond these two courses, there is a Super Advanced course for students that excel.

Its called “The Art of being A Couch Potato”.

The IIN also offer Night Classes for their 18+ students under the excellent guidance of Professor ‪Sunny Leone‬.

The extra curricular activities like sports are taken care of by playing Real Football 2015 and Stick Cricket 2015 amongst many other sporting activities.

Whether these activities will keep you fit or not, is yet to be found out, but it is almost certain that you will have bicep like muscles in your thumbs.

There is also a special Parliamentary course offered which allows the Ministers to quickly browse through Informative Pictures and Video Clips during the House Sessions.

And there is no Admission fees or Donations either. All you have to do is pay for your Idea Internet package on a monthly basis.

The Only problem perhaps is that ‪#‎Idea‬ has got a horrible network so most of the times the IIN doesn’t work …. but then treat that as you would treat a School Holiday !!!! Yippieee !!!

Disclaimer: I am planning to get a quick IIN degree in Economics of Making Vada Pav within 3 days. Anyone Interested in Joining? 

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