Mumbai Locals Will Now have Automatic Sliding Doors ….

Mumbai Locals shall now be fixed with automatic sliding doors !!!

Yippee !!! Isnt that great news?

Now you will be able to get a free ‪Suana‬ Bath effect inclusive in your train ticket price.

Nevermind that you will have to avail this facility with all your clothes on, brushing up against practical strangers with the Body Odour instead of fragrant perfumes to titillate your nostrils.

But Don’t Complain !! You need to shell out a fortune for such luxuries, especially in a city like ‪‎Mumbai‬.

Ofcourse, these new doors will be a big problem to those early morning office goers who use the air in their face to dry and set their hair.

And the Heroic youth who love swinging on the center pole near the door, feeling like ‪‎ShahRukh Khan‬ s might have to take it down a notch.

But think about what would happen if they extend these automatic doors to all the trains in India.

Kareena would have never been able to meet Shahid in “Jab We Met”.

Her bags would have got loaded on the train and she would have left stranded on the platform. And all Shahid could have probably done was play the Courier boy and sent the luggage back…. there would have been no movie.

Hell, even the movie’s name would have been “Jab We Never Met” !!

And the Dilwale Dulhaniya Le Jayenge’s epic ending would have never been the same.

Amrish Puri would have let off Kajol’s hand and boomed, “Jaa Simran Jee Le Apni Zindagi”

And Kajol would have turned and said “What the hell Babuji, if you did want let me go, couldn’t you do it before. Do you expect me to jump in through the window now??”

It would have taken Raj another 4 months before he got the reservations to come back and pick up Simran *sigh*.

And all said and done this is going to be a big Plus for the Indian Athletic Association.

Most of our Runners have developed their skills running from one platform to another, trying to catch a local.

Now they have to run faster to get in before the doors slam shut in their faces.

We can, perhaps. have some more Milkha Singhs in making now 😉

Disclaimer: Please exercise immense caution when while trying to stick you head between the new doors just to get some fresh air.

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