Spice Jet Plane Gets Hit by a Buffalo …… The Inside Story.

The Inside Story Of The Spice Jet Plane Hitting the Buffalo !!

In a rather startling news, a Spice Jet plane hit a (believe it or not) Buffalo during takeoff, from Surat Airport.

Now, we have heard of planes hitting birds….. But a BUFFALO ???????!!!!!

While the Congress has demanded the resignation of the PM Modi for this incident, obviously, since it happened in Gujarat, on further investigation, a lot more was uncovered.

If renowned undisclosed sources are to be believed, the Buffalo was a part of an elaborate experiment being conducted by our BJP Transport Minister Mr. Nitin Gadkari.

No! No! No! It wasn’t Gadkari, it was just his experiment. It was an actual Buffalo. Please don’t get confused.

Right after trying to get a Seaplane to land in Lonavala, planning to start chartered flights to Colaba, getting a Bullet train to go from Mumbai to Ahmedabad and doing an Aerial survey for a Sea route near Ram Sethu, Gadkari has come up with a fantastic proposal of Eco-friendly cheap flights.

Basically they involve buffaloes flying on biotech fuel (Gobar Gas) and will be cheap and won’t affect the environment, other than the buffalo poor stench. The only drawback is that it would be a two-seater low flying flight with wind in your face. But hey, who doesn’t like a convertible

Apparently the Air Traffic Control ATC did not issue instructions in Gujarati, and hence the buffalo, being from Surat, got confused and went right into the flight path of the Spice Jet aircraft.

Details of this experiment haven’t been released. But this seems to be the only logical reason for a buffalo gallivanting on a runway.

The Government has been quick to hush up the entire episode, even though Spice Jet has planned to not fly from Surat. But, I guess that’s okay, Kingfisher Airlines have stopped flying from any airports

In an unrelated news, Laloo Prasad Yadav has reported a couple of his buffaloes being stolen and is planning to sue to Government.

Disclaimer: To those who might be wondering, yes there was a delay in the flight. The Buffalo took off with a Two Hour Unscheduled Delay.
Apologies for the Inconvenience caused

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