Wazir ….. Movie Review

Wazir is a Fast paced Crime Thriller.

Its not your regular Bollywood movie which can hardly be classified in a proper Genre.

Its not your regular Rohit Shetty kind of action which will have you jumping up and down as Cars do sommersaults all over the place.

Neither is it like the Akshay Kumar wala Maar Dhaad movies, where an Army Man or a Cop or a Sardar goes about beating the crap out of all the Villains.

The Action in this movie is more contained and thats why effective.

And to top that, this movie actually has a Plot !!!

Bejoy Nambiar has made an effort to keep Wazir slick and quick. No unnecessary song and dance sequences. No family drama. No wasted moments.

That helps in keeping the movie long enough to keep you engrossed and short enough to not bore you.

Farhan Akhtar as the lead protagonist has done a marvelous job. He once again amazes you at how easily he can mould into any sort of character.

He is pretty convincing in the Action scenes as a Tough Ass ATS cop and yet restrained as the troubled Father.

Amitabh Bachchan is not at his best but does manage to do a decent job. I am sure he could have done better. But then again, somehow you always expect Amitabh to excel at everything he does.

Aditi Roy Haidari takes care of romantic angle, though honestly there is not much of it. She is just there for some drama relief.

There are two cameos.

John Abraham gives his usual Wooden Door performance and this time he doesnt get to show off his muscles or his butt either…. what a waste!!!

But Neil Nitin Mukesh has managed to do a fabulous job as the menacing Wazir!!!

A special mention needs to be given to Manav Kaul playing the main Villain. He is brilliant.

The story is interesting, though, it could have had a little bit more intelligence in its twists.

No, dont worry!! I Am not going to tell you even a little bit of the Story. Thats like opening the trump card of this movie.

I doubt the kids would like this movie, its definitely not their kind.

If you are looking for some regular Bollywood entertainment over the weekend, Wazir is NOT your kind of the movie.

However, if you are looking for a edgy thriller which will keep you looking for the mysterious antagonist till the end, this movie is right up your alley.

Disclaimer: Since this is the first review of the New Year, from me, you can donate half bottles of Scotch into DRF, if you want. Ofcourse Full bottles will never be denied. Hope Santa was Generous to you and you can show some generosity yourself?? 😛

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