When Will We Indians Stop being such Idiots??

We Indians are Idiots !!!

I mean it ….. Seriously !!!

Uneducated people without any capability are leading Top Ministerial Posts deciding what we Learn or Eat.

Corporates are getting richer by amending laws to suit their profit making schemes.

Yoga Gurus are getting into FMCG market and becoming Crorepatis by selling us products without proper approvals.

Almost every sector is riddled with Corruption as Politicians are skimming off the top, right till the bottom of the Cream Bowl.

Ministers are busy planning about which Foreign destination are they going to fly to next.

Parliamentarians are busy screaming in the Well of the House, bringing Sessions to a standstill rather than ensuring that atleast the Important but the non-controversial Bills are passed.

Meanwhile, Rapists are getting off with nothing more than a rap on their knuckles under archaic Juvenile Laws which had to be changed a long time ago.

Hell, he might even get a small fund and a Sewing machine and will probably end up becoming a Ladies Tailor and measuring the Blouse sizes of Women while leering and leeching at them, all thanks to the Juvenile Rehabilitation Program, which needs some drastic changes.

We, the Indians, however are busy bickering amongst ourselves about whether watching Dilwale makes us Anti-National or not.

Way to Go !!!

And we expect our India to Change???

The only time this Country will change is when we get our heads out of our asses and start figuring out that everyone who is trying to instigate this false sense of Patriotism, in us is actually working against the betterment of the Nation.

The one who teaches you to Hate, anyone for any reason, cannot be on your side.

Disclaimer: People who are going to watch Dilwale, because they love movies and for no other reason and people who wont be watching Dilwale, because they hate movies and for no other reason have chances of being excluded from this list of Idiots ….. will find other faults with you if you want to be included. Thanks 😛

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