Why Amitabh Bachchan is the Best Person to be the Brand Ambassador of “Incredible India”

Amitabh Bachchan is being considered as the Brand Ambassador for the “Incredible India” Campaign ….. and I do feel that he is the perfect choice for it.

Amitabh actually represents everything that is Indian and everything that makes India, Incredible.

A man who has struggled his way to the top. There are so many of his rags to riches stories that in all the awe we tend to forget that his father was The Harivanshrai Bachchan and had shared a close proximity to the Nehru family back then.

Bachchan has also been famous for his numerous Affairs with the Top Heroines of Bollywood. Right from Zeenat Aman, to Parveen Babi, to the eternally beautiful Rekha. But at the end he married a docile Jaya Bahaduri.

Jaya Bahaduri who gave up her developing career in the Film Industry to look after her Pati Parmeshwar.

This actually confirms the Average Indian Man’s attitude. “Bahar Khud Jitna Muh Maarna Hain Maar Lo, Lekin Biwi Sundar, Susheel aur Gharelu honi chahiye”.

Bachchan has also known to be so away from Politics that he has at times feigned complete ignorance about political matters. Its quite another story that his wife is a Rajya Sabha MP.

Its also quite another thing that Bachchan himself was into Politics some time back. But we tend to ignore his closeness with the Congress during the Indira/Rajiv Gandhi time, or his relationship with the Samajwadi Party (who his wife represents) or his “My Dear Friend” BJP PM Modi for whom he has made many an Advertisement asking people to spend some time in Gujarat.

An important point to note is that Amitabh Bachchan has always tried to stay away from Controversy. The best way he has managed to stay away from any controversy is by sticking his head in the sand and appearing to be an Ostrich, waiting for the storm to pass.

Rekha controversy —- Head in Sand
Bofors controversy —- Head in Sand
SikhRiots Statements —- Head in Sand

This is rather impressive.

He hardly makes any controversial statement either and that what makes him lovable.

Ofcourse behind the curtains there have been stories about him successfully ruining the careers of his co-stars like Shatrughan Sinha and Vinod Khanna who posed any kind of a threat to him …. but hey who believes in such rumors right??

Amitabh Bachchan is like that Grandfather who everyone likes to have, who will play with his grandkids, let you go party while he watches your kids, be kind and ask about your health and not poke his nose in what you are doing or give his opinion on anything.

For all these reasons and more, Amitabh Bachchan, is the perfect candidate for Incredible India.

Because he actually makes a very important point which everyone should study and understand.

If you smile at everyone, open your mouth only when needed, go with whichever way the wind is blowing, praise whoever is in power, pal up with big business tycoons and take every opportunity that comes your way whether ethical or not, you will end up making a lot of money ….. and that, my friends, is Incredible India….. the Land of Opportunities for those who keep their mouths shut ….. as long as people cannot see behind that mask you have.

Disclaimer: This post does not mean I don’t like Amitabh Bachchan. I like Amitabh the Actor …. but long time ago my Mom had told me “Beta wo screen pe dikhate hain na wo sab jhootha hota hain”. I liked Sunny Deol uprooting a hand pump and kicking ass of 200 Pakistani Soldiers too 😉

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