Would Saif Ali Khan be Losing his Padma Shree Award?? Wait … What He Had One??

Saif Ali Khan seems to be in trouble !!

If the news on the grapevine is to be believed, the ‪BJP‬ led Govt of India, is planning to take back the Padma Shri Award given to Saif.

WOW !!!! I mean, WOW !!!! ‪‎SaifAli Khan‬ was actually given a Padma Shri??

Apparently, the Govt had conferred the Padma Shri on Saif for his Outstanding Contribution to Indian Cinema in 2010 !!!

Seriously??? Outstanding Contribution? Like Nehle Pe Dehla, Tashan and EkLavya: The Royal Guard?

We could have actually done with having the Outstanding Contribution by Saif, kept Standing Out of the theaters all together.

And see what happens when you encourage the wrong stuff.

Post 2010, Saif went on to make movies like Humshakals and Happy Ending !!!!

I am surprised, the GOI didnt contemplate taking back his Padma Shri right after Agent Vinod.

Btw, the award is being taken back not because his movies suck but because he had a midnight brawl in some restaurant.

And we cannot have badly behaved Padma Shri Award holders in ‪#‎India‬, can we?? NO !! Ofcourse We Cant !!!!

If you are Badly Behaved and have a habit of getting into Brawls, you shouldn’t be getting Padma Awards, you should be in the Parliament instead.

Contribute to the Nation, Damnit….Make the Lok Sabha brawls more glamorous.

Perhaps the Govt will offer Saif a Ministerial post as an exchange offer for the Padma Honor? 

That said, Kareena Kapoor is furious like A Good Wife. She said, very angrily, that, she doesn’t care if the Award is taken back, with the proper amount of fury and indifference on her face.

That was perhaps one of Kareena’s best performances ever !!!!

Honestly, even I dont care if Saif’s award is taken back or not. I am more hoping that the Govt manages to ban him from making movies like Bullet Raja.

Since they are banning everything and anything, maybe they can do an occasional good deed too, while they are at it?

Ofcourse, the ‪Modi‬ Govt has not made any official announcements about this as yet. So its merely speculation, but that shouldn’t stop our dear ‪Arnab Goswami‬ from screaming out his lungs, over this, claiming this to be a deliberate targeting of the Minorities.

Disclaimer: This post is supposed to offend Saif Ali Khan only as much as his movies have offended their unsuspecting audience.

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