India Demands to Shut Down NDTV !!

Breaking News: Barkha Dutt earns the much coveted position of being the First Indian in 2016 to be sent to Pakistan.

At the same time there have been suggestions that Ravish Kumar should change his name to Maulana Ravish Kumar.

The online onslaught of the Bhakts on NDTV has come in after Barkha Dutt did a news report tracking the arrival route adopted by the infiltrators in Pathankot.

Ofcourse most of these protests are in the form of fondly remembering Barkha’s Mother and showing genuine concern about her Nocturnal activities, but the demands are being made to BJP PM Modi to Shut Down NDTV.

“NDTV Anchors actually conduct debates where there is no screaming and shouting. This is just not done”, screamed one Bhakt right in the ear of one of my drunk sources.

“Their debates are unfair, their panels are biased. They lower down the mic volume of Sambit Patra whenever he tries to interrupt anyone. Interrupting people in a debate is our birth right”, shouted another, while interrupting the question being asked by my drunk source.

“Panels have to be balanced !!! NDTV always takes one person from every political party and conducts a debate. How is that right?? Look at Arnab Goswami’s debate panel. He has Sambit Patra from BJP, Kiran Bedi as an IPS officer, Shazia Ilmi as Ex-AAP member, Rakesh Sinha as RSS Ideologue and Raghav Chadda from AAP. Such a diverse unbiased panel is needed”, the same Bhakt continued.

But the debate panels dont seem to be the only grudge these people have against NDTV.

“After the Pathankot Attack what did NDTV do?? They just sat reporting stuff. Look at Times Now …. they invited Pakistani Retired Army Generals and some other Pakistanis whom we had no clue about and blasted the hell out of them. Infact instead of the usual 2 Pakistani representatives they went to the extent of having 3-4 of them to shout at”, drooled another Bhakt as he kissed Arnab Goswami’s picture with a dreamy look in his eyes.

All said and done my drunk sources have confirmed that the best way for our Government to send a “Mooh Tod Jawab” to Pakistan is to shut down the Anti-National NDTV channel.

Disclaimer: “Any news against the Modi Government/BJP/RSS should be deemed as Anti-National and that News Channel should be immediately shut off and their anchors should be sent to Pakistan” ——- Chanakya (371 BC – 283 BC) First Golden Prime Minister of the Golden Modern Bharat Varsha.

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