Is the Malda Violence, Yet Another Opportunity for the Hatemongers?

In the Aftermath of the Malda Violence, tempers seem to be flaring.

But it also has given rise to some weird defenses and statements from various quarters.

Some Junooni Mullahs are trying to defend the Rioters by saying, “But it was all instigated by Kamlesh Tiwari’s comments”.

Okay, Kamlesh Tiwari made those comments in Uttar Pradesh. The Junooni Mullahs were protesting in West Bengal. There is no correlation between the two states.

There is no relation between Akhilesh Yadav and Mamata Banerjee.

So protesting in West Bengal for something that happened in Uttar Pradesh is rather stupid.

Its almost like you stub your toe on the table and then apply Iodex to your head ….. Makes no sense at all.

Another thing is that Kamlesh Tiwari was already arrested ONE MONTH BACK and is already charged with Hate Speech.

So what exactly were the Junooni Mullahs (JMs) protesting against?? Did they want the West Bengal Government to put pressure on the UP Government to arrest Kamlesh Tiwari again while he was already in Jail??

Some people are saying that the Sanghis have instigated the JM’s. Okay, so basically if I challenge you to jump in the well, you will?? 😛 Right?? That might be a good idea to get rid of all the extremists?? Though I am not sure if we have enough Wells in our country for that.

And then there are the Idiots who go about asking “So why is no one returning their Awards now??”

Okay, there is a reason you guys are called Idiots. For one, Awards were returned by the Literature Laureates to protest for Deaths of Writers. Neither Kamlesh Tiwari nor the JMs have anything to do with Writing … infact I am not sure if they know how to write.

Thats like saying, “We should eat fish because I was bitten by a mosquito”.

Whats the relation between the two things?? Exactly My Point !!!!!

Following the Malda Violence there are News Reports of similar protests in Purnia, Bihar too.

Now, the big question to be asked is: Is this a preparation of grounds for the expected riots when the Ram Mandir issue comes up??

Is this all a part of a bigger plan??

Obviously, there are some vested interests behind all these occurrences. Someone is fanning the fire on both the sides and people are falling prey for it.

What is needed at the moment is to not be a part of either side of Hatemongerers.

Shun Them !!!! Shoo Them Away !!!

Everyone who makes a one-sided statement from either side…… Remember that you are being responsible for the Riots which are certainly going to follow if the fire is burnt adequately.

Is that what you want??

If Your Religion teaches you to Hate someone, then obviously you are in the wrong religion. And if you are hating someone behind a religious color, even though your religion doesnt preach hate, then you are an Asshole.

Disclaimer: The Term Junooni Mullahs is being used to effectively give the other side of Sanghis. That ways I can avoid using the terms Hindu Extremists and Muslim Extremists and be politically correct. The term Assholes is used to represent Assholes 😛

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