JalliKattu……Such a Load of Bull !!

Jallikattu has been in news since the last few days.

The BJP Government at the Center in an obvious attempt to woo the voters had lifted the ban off JalliKattu which is the traditional bull-fighting sport of Tamil Nadu.

The Supreme Court has at the moment suspended the Center’s notification, thus bringing the Ban back in place.

Animal rights organisations say there is clear evidence of how the animals are assaulted, intoxicated and subjected to other forms of cruelty. Lime juice is squeezed into their eyes and chilli powder is rubbed on their genitals to make them ferocious.

This Ban is now being cheered by the same people who were objecting about the Ban on Beef.

At the same time, there is quite an uproar over this from the same people who were supporting the Ban of Beef.

With both sides calling each other as Hypocrites.

The classic argument given by those who want Jallikattu to take place is that “Its our traditional and cultural practise, so it should not be stopped for any reason”.

I wonder if they want to bring Sati back in practise?? That was a Traditional and Cultural practise too …. maybe the Ban on Sati should now be lifted off??

Btw, even Dowry is a Traditional Practise, so I wonder if that should be banned??

The ones who are trying to ask the question, “Why should eating animals be allowed and Jallikattu not be allowed” should remember one simple thing.

There is a difference between “Killing Animals for Food” and “Killing Animals for Sport”.

The same as there is a difference between “Cutting Plants/Trees for Food” and “Cutting Plants/Trees to make Industrial Workplaces”.

The same people who are strictly vegetarians, who devour the natural habitat without a further thought also go on a Tree Hugging campaign to save the environment.

So before you guys go about calling others a Hypocrite, you might want to look deep inside you and see where the hypocrisy actually comes from.

But, no. I dont expect you to do that. You wouldnt be You if you could actually look inside yourself 😉

Disclaimer: Personally, I dont care what they do with Jallikattu, as long as they are not going to try and hunt me or make me fight a bull, I am pretty happy where I am.

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