Katyar Kaljat Ghusali …. Movie Review

Finally got to watch this movie.

This movie is what one would call a “Musical” and I was pretty sure that my kids would get bored while watching it.

Thats the reason I was waiting for some alone time to watch it.

Finally, I got some time today and put on the movie, but my kids plopped themselves right besides me.

Its surprising how the Kids are ready to like anything when they have exams on their heads, but wont give you the time of the day during their holidays.

But as the movie progressed we all got so engrossed in it that we hardly spoke to each other.

Even the kids were glued to the screen and forgot to create their usual chaos.

Subodh Bhave has taken a medieval subject and managed to spin a yarn so well that you have no choice but to enjoy it right till the end. Hats off to Subodh Bhave.

Sachin Pilgaonkar and Shankar Mahadevan have done a fabulous job in their respective roles.

This movie has got more songs than Prem Ratan Dhan Payo …. and thats a LOT of songs, but you hardly find the movie dragging, since the songs tell a story of their own.

The end result was that we all loved the movie and completely forgot to have lunch.

I am kinda sad that I didnt watch the movie when it got released and waited so long, but then again I am also glad that I did watch it in the end.

I am sure most of you guys must have already watched this movie …. but if you havent …. Its MUST WATCH.

Even those who dont know Marathi shouldnt miss this movie, if you like a story with good music in it. The movie comes with English Subtitles too.

Disclaimer: I know this review is too late to be written actually. But sometimes there are somethings that you dont need a time and place to praise. #DRF Will not accept any donations for this Movie Review …. As if you guys give any 😛

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