Kele Pe Kachra with Mr. Rahul Gandhi

On Today’s show our Inebriated Interviewer will be having a Chat with Congress Vice President Mr. Rahul Gandhi on … Kele Pe Kachra !!!!

II: Sir !!! You are Back !!!!
RG: No. I am always in the Front !!!

II: I meant from your Europe trip.
RG: Oh yes, that I am. It was very cold there, I froze my nose. (sniffles)

II: So, welcome on the show we are honored to have you on our show.
RG: I am honored to have You on Your show too.

II: Errr, Ok. There are rumors that you were in Europe with your Girlfriend??
RG: All baseless rumors. There are some shows that aren’t available on Indian Television. *shrugs* but now with Netflix here, maybe I wont have to go abroad for them??

II: So, what are your plans now that you are back in #India?
RG: Well firstly I plan to watch all the episodes of Chota Bheem that I missed. I hope someone recorded them for me.

II: Err, I meant, from the Congress point of view?
RG: Oh yes. That. We will have a meeting of the Congress soon.

II: To decide the New President?
RG: No No. The President will remain Pranab Da.

II: The Congress Party President?
RG: There is a Party?? Where?? When?? (looks around)

II (sighs): Nevermind. Did you really attend that Conference in Aspen?
RG: Aspen is great for skiing. Rocky Mountains Rock … thats why they are called Rocky Mountains.

II (frowns): Sir, what are your view on the National Herald?
RG: I don’t really read Newspapers, I have an App. (Shows his smartpone with the App).

II: Sir, what message would you like to deliver to the Youth of India?
RG: The Youth of India should stay Young. If they are Young, India will remain Youthful. A Youthful India is a Young India. Youth should be in your shirt, in your pants, in your hat .. wait Indians dont wear much hats …… What is YOUR message to the Youth of India?

II (Giving up): Thank you for patiently answering our questions, it was nice to Interview you.
RG: Thank you for asking me questions, its nice to be not shouted at for once.

Disclaimer: Our Inebriated Interviewer is missing after this interview. The last he was heard of was when he was running wildly around the streets of Delhi pulling his hair out. If anyone find him, please feed him and drop him at the nearest bar. Thanks.

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