Non-Bailable Warrant Issued against M. S. Dhoni !!!

Mahindra Singh Dhoni is in trouble.

The courts have just issued a non-bailable warrant against him.

Sometime back MS Dhoni featured in a picture on a Magazine cover where he was shown as Lord Vishnu.

Y Shyam Sunder of VHP (Lol yes, them again) is responsible for moving the courts to issue a “warrant for appearance” against Dhoni.

My drunk sources contacted Dhoni’s legal aide.

“Well firstly we have no clue of this warrant, but I dont know how Dhoni is responsible for anything. He doesnt even look like Lord Vishnu and his signature shot is called the “Helicopter Shot” and not the “Sudarshan Chakra shot”… these are rubbish allegations”, he fumed.

The VHP lawyer was equally furious, “He has insulted our God!!! He used to be our God of Cricket … after Mega God Sachin (Om Om Om). How can one God insult another God?? He has to pay US …. I mean, pay for this”,

“We have immediately instructed all our Members to stop worshiping Dhoni. They should worship Virat Kohli instead. Dhoni is in black books for now.”, shouted another VHP member.

“Send Dhoni to Pakistan”, screamed yet another VHP Dude, before checking himself, “Wait … NO, dont. That will make the Pakistan team stronger. Scratch that, we will send him to Saudi Arabia instead, they dont have much of a Cricket team. Thats safer.”

Now, I am not sure what will exactly be the outcome of this case, especially since Dhoni wasnt even aware that such a picture did exist, but one thing is for sure ….. someone is going to make some money out of this 😉

Disclaimer: If you ever see my picture morphed into any Deity of any religion, trust me, I have no hand in it. And I have no money to pay you guys either, so dont waste your time suing me. 😛

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