Whats the Beef Behind Malda?

The Malda incident is one of the least reported incidents at the moment.

Malda, in WestBengal recently witnessed Mob Violence on massive scale.

A number of Muslims had gathered to protest against the comments made by Kamlesh Tiwari against their Prophet on the 3rd January.

Why, this Mob was protesting against the Tiwari comments one month AFTER Tiwari was arrested by the Cops, is unfathomable. Why were they protesting when Tiwari was already being charged with “Hate Speech”?? Why were they protesting in West Bengal of all the places?? Tiwari didnt make the comments in WB, so whats the point in putting pressure on Mamta Banerjee??

Most of the Mob themselves would have been clueless as to what they were protesting about in the first place!!!!!

The protests turned majorly violent. The frenzied mob went about burning buses, beating up the BSF Jawans and burning and ransacking a Police station and Shops in that area.

The situation in the area is now in control, as claimed by the WB Police.

There are some details available of what exactly went on but I, personally found most of the reports inciting and one sided, so I wouldn’t post them here.

But that said, the main question is….. Why is the Media silent?

Hardly any News Channel has taken up this issue on their Prime Time. The only News Channel which took some notice of the Malda Issue was ZEE News and even that was so evident that it was designed by some Bhakt who runs around saying, “Jaago Hindu Jaago” while he himself has no clue about what it is that Hindus have to Jaagofy about.

Some channels have started reporting this news only today, which is 3 days later.

The chances that this news was overshadowed by other important news is vague.

The channels have been showing the Odd/Even implementation and the Dhanwade 1000 runs with much enthusiasm …. This news was definitely more important than those and could have been squeezed in.

Was this news held back to prevent communal tensions flaring?? …. The Media didnt spend much time in picking up the news about the Dadri Lynching and making sure that there was communal tension being built up.

Is the Media being suppressed?? Definitely yes !!! (Not always by use of Force, maybe Money??)

A number of incidents have happened in Gujarat in the Hardik Patel controversy which have not been reported. I think same is the case with the State of West Bengal.

Now, the main question is …. Who is Suppressing the Media??

Who stands to gain from not showing these news, and what exactly is the angle behind this???

But whatever the case might be, I do hope that the Media comes forward to show news in an unbiased manner and forthright manner.

A Spineless Media is No Media at all.

And I also hope that both Hindus and Muslims stop falling prey to the nefarious designs of the Politicians and Cult Leaders.

All they want is to have us fight amongst each other so that they can peacefully continue to get rich.

All Muslims and Hindus should just take a pause and ask themselves one simple question…

In all the Riots that happened in India, in the case of any mass communal violence that took place, in your life time …… Who ended up profitting from it?? Who got richer?? Did you get richer??

Wake Up India. Stop letting others take you for a ride.

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to incite any sort of Communal Tension. On the contrary, I hope people realize that there are a lot of vested interests in every Communal Incitement.

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