Kiku Sharda gets Arrested for Mimicking the Messenger Of God !!

Kiku Sharda, also known as Palak from Comedy Nights with Kapil has been arrested and sent to 14 days Judicial Custody.

He has been arrested for imitating and mimicking the self styled Guru with the longest name ever.

Yep, you guessed it right. The Messenger Of God Baba Gurmeet Ram Rahim Singh Insaan Part 1 and Part 2 !!!

Apparently Kiku hurt the religious sentiments of the followers of MSG.

Since, we all wear our religious sentiments on our sleeves in India, its hardly a surprise that they get hurt so quickly.

What, however, is surprising is that the Courts actually allowed Kiku Sharda to be arrested. I guess the Courts didn’t find it as funny as the people do when Kiku makes a joke.

Or maybe Kiku appeared in the court dressed as Palak and the Court took an offence to Cross-Dressing??

But then again, with AIB being taken to task recently, the Comedians are sure in for a tough time.

Perhaps, it would make more sense for the Comedians to check with the Cops before they crack any jokes.

Infact, all the Stand Up Comedy material should be first sent to the Cops, then to the different Religious Sects, all the Babas in the Country, take an No Objection Certificate from them and then present it to the audience.

And even as the audience, if someone tells you a joke, you should first and foremost hold your laughter, go to the nearest Police Station, tell the In-Charge the same joke and seek clarification if you can laugh on it.

This does not apply to the Sardars since they wont get the jokes for a couple of days in any case ….. Oops wait sorry, let me get an approval for this one first.

With so many restrictions coming down heavily even on humor, I wonder if we should have Comedians at all …… we can always look at the Parliament if we need to have a laugh 😉

Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend any Comedians who might consider their comparison with the Politicians as an insult.

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