Non-Bailable Warrant against Another AAP MLA….Dinesh Mohaniya in trouble?

A non-bailable warrant has been issued against yet another AAP MLA Dinesh Mohaniya.

The Warrant has been issued in a case of “damaging public property” in the 2013 Delhi elections.

I think Dinesh Mohaniya broke a chair or something when he sat on it? Not sure what it was….. but nevermind.

Mohaniya has joined the long list of Aam Aadmi Party Office bearers to have been honoured with a Warrant.

AAP seems to be the only party whose MLAs spend more time running to and fro from Police Stations to Courts than going to their office.

Infact Arvind Kejriwal should have a small Court and a Police Station set up in the Delhi Mantralay premises.

That ways, they can do the Complaints, FIR, Summons, Warrant, Appearance, Not-Guilty procedure all in a matter of a few hours. Will save everyone a lot of time, right?

They can infact think of having the LG’s office next door to Kejriwal’s cabin too.

So Kejriwal can pass an Order, LG can declare it null and void and Kejriwal can say “Go to Court” on the same day. No need for prolonged drama ….. and hey, the Court is right next door too, remember?? All in a Day’s work, I say.

That said, the Opposition Parties (in Delhi) like BJP and Congress, well if you can consider Zero seats as an opposition, seem to be hell bent on targeting each and every one of the 67 AAP MLAs on a regular basis.

The only problem is that the pace at which they are doing this.

Till now, they must have managed to target around 5-6 of their MLAs in the past one year approx.

At that rate it will take them 12 whole years to target all the 67 MLAs.

Does that mean that this is an indication that AAP will be firmly in Power in Delhi for the next three terms atleast??? Has BJP Completely given up all hope of securing Delhi?? Ofcourse, I am not even going to talk about Congress here for the obvious “Andaa” reasons 😉

I wonder if BJP has realized this as of now, but if they dont want this to happen, they do need to average atleast 15 AAP MLAs per year so that they can get the job of 100% target achievement in the remaining term of Kejriwal.

I am not sure how BJP members are rated, but anyone who doesnt achieve 90% of the allocated target should be sacked, what say Amit Bhai??

Disclaimer: All the AAP MLAs who have not yet been issued warrants are kindly requested to not feel bad. Its not because BJP doesn’t consider you important enough, they just dont have enough people to sue you guys.

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  1. Parijat says:

    High time BJP leaders tightened their belts and get all AAP MLAs reported asap.
    NaMo promised a government that worked and just look at the state of Delhi BJP… Daring to disobey their supremo.
    Also, what example are they setting for Punjab BJP where AAP is going to win a landslide.
    Jaago bhakton, jaago.

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