He Went To The Party Thinking He’ll Find Like-Minded People In A New City: What He Actually Found Is The Worst Memory Of His Life

He was new to the city … lost … lonely … spending most of his spare time with himself, wishing he had some company.

The message flashed on his screen from that App, he had recently downloaded. His hopes soared as he saw it. Maybe this was his chance out of boredom. Messages were exchanged. A basic trust was established. They decided to meet at a party. It was a farm house party, but was supposed to have a lot of people over there.

What did he have to lose?? Probably he would end up meeting many more like-minded friends.
Dressed up to the hilt, he met his date. Pleasantries were exchanged as they headed out to the Party. The party seemed like a good one. The revelers all seemed like nice decent cheerful people. He was thrilled. Finally, he had found that much needed niche that he was looking for. His own, private place, of emotional comfort.

Excited, ecstatic …. maybe that’s what made him have one too many. Has happened with all of us at some point of time, hasn’t it?

He was happy but tired … enlivened yet sleepy. Must have been the effect of alcohol. He checked a bedroom, it was empty. He went and plopped on the bed more in a drunken stupor than anything else. He didn’t hear the door open. He didn’t hear those guys come inside the room. He felt those monsters climb on the bed besides him, the clothes rustling …. his clothes being almost torn off.

He was too tired to fight back, too overpowered to push them off.
They climbed up onto the bed, pressed against his body. His arms and legs were pinned to the bed as these men (if you can call them that) had their way with him. Must be more than at least four of them, stinking of alcohol.

Rough …. Brutal … Agonizing …. Painful …… The next minutes .. Or was it  hours, were the most horrific time of his life.
Finally, they got off him after what seemed like ages. It was as if a huge weight had gotten off him. His insides were feeling hollowed out, ravaged by these filthy savages. He wanted to shout out loud, strangle them, kill them, but he couldn’t move. He was so beaten, so sore, for no fault of his.

Yes, it was a Gay Party. He loved men, he wanted them. To love him, caress him, be with him, not to devastate him and leave him into a pillaged pulp.

He came to the party looking for a lover like many of us are nowadays, he didn’t go there to get RAPED. He was crying on the bed, as the door opened again. His heart leapt into his mouth as a young guy looked in.

Eyes widened, face shocked at the scene inside the bedroom. The young man rushed into the room, his face filled with concern. He helped him find his clothes and waited patiently till he managed to painfully put them on. The man held his hand while the other hand went around his shoulder. Perhaps the first touch of comfort, since he had come to this God Forbidden City.

He looked up in the young  man’s eyes and kept looking.
Today, he is back on a train. He is done with this place. He has vowed to never return. But as he brushes off his tears he saw the tear filled eyes of that Young Man. He saw his pain in those loving eyes. And he thought,

“Maybe …. maybe I will still come back …. maybe not everyone is the same. Maybe there is still chance for humanity to win.”

Gay people are the same as any one of us. With the same feelings. They are just as human as anyone else. They feel the same emotional and physical pain like just any other victims of rape.

My point is — a rape is a rape is a rape. Forced Sex without consent.
It doesn’t matter who is at the receiving end of it. It will still be called rape. And the victims, whoever it might be, needs comfort and understanding. They need to see that ray of hope which will reinstate their belief in mankind again.

Can we be HUMAN enough to do that?? Give them that ray of hope??
Disclaimer: This is based on a true story, however the facts have been slightly altered for obvious reasons. I hope everyone in their right mind can find that tiny bit of humanity within, which we seem to forget when it comes to something that we perhaps don’t understand, perhaps have never tried to understand. Remember, the LGBT community is people of flesh, blood and emotions just like You and Me. Nothing more. Nothing Less.

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