Masood Azhar has been detained by Pakistan…… Wait No… He Hasn’t … Wait …. Has He??

The Masood Azhar detention seems to have kept the Media busy for quite some time now.

They had to keep changing their headlines again and again and yes it was funny.

Masood Azhar has been Arrested.
Masood Azhar has been Detained.
Masood Azhar may have been detained.
Masood Azhar may not have been detained.
We dont know crap about what’s going on!!!

Oh Screw it … Lets change the topic…..

Kiku Sharda Arrested sent to 14 days Jail
Kiku Sharda Released because he apologised
Kiku Sharda put back in Jail
We dont know crap about what’s going on!!!!

I can almost imagine half the Media anchors weeping yesterday at having to manage more twists and turns in the plot than a Ram Gopal Verma movie … which eventually twists into a flop, if I may add.

The only person who remained consistent on the Media was Arnab Goswami.

He was pretty consistent in outshouting all his panel members, once again.

Congrats to Arnab for staying consistent.

Disclaimer: This does not mean I like Arnab. I dont even watch Times Now News Hour. But my neighbour does and even on Min. volume I can still hear Arnab screaming !!

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