Rohith Vemula’s Birth was a Fatal Accident….. Was it really??

The Rohith Vemula suicide once more sparks the debate of “Dalits” being oppressed and sidelined by the “Upper Caste” Hindus.

This is something to seriously ponder upon.

Yes, there is no doubt that “Dalits” are discriminated against and oppressed since time unknown.

Yes, there is no doubt that they are marginalized and have been deliberately kept out of mainstream society.

But I have always wondered why do the “Dalits” want to continue in a Religion that discriminates against them.

Rohith wrote in his Suicide Note “My Birth is My Fatal Accident”.

And, no doubt we are all born into our Religion or Caste as an Accident, but what stops us from correcting it?

There is nothing wrong in correcting an error which was not caused by us…..or even if it was caused by us, for that matter.

There have been so many talks of people complaining about certain nuances of the Religion that they are born in.

Women demanding the Right to Enter a Temple.

Dalits asking for Equal Rights in Hindu Religion.

Muslim Women demanding to do away with Burkhas.

These are all Religious diktats.

At the end of it, if these diktats are taken away that particular Religion ceases to exist in the way it always has.

So there isnt much scope of these diktats being taken away.

The bigger question is, “Why in the world do you people want to continue to be a part of such a Religion?”

If the Dalits think that they are being oppressed for being Hindus why dont they simply leave?

Why do the Dalits want to clean up the Toilets outside the Temple?? Boycott the whole thing and let the “Upper Castes” get a taste of their own stink.

If Women think that they are being discriminated against for entering a Temple, why dont the Women simply stop going to the Temple?? Get your own Temple, perhaps and ban the Men from entering it??

If the Muslims Women dont want to wear a Burkha, dont wear it!!! Form your own sect where Men have to wear a Burkha and Women can have 4 husbands.

Almost every Religion has created disparities.

In every Religion there is someone who is more Superior than the others. And there is someone who is Oppressed.

And all Religions THRIVE on this.

The important thing to understand is that, the “Superiors” can feel important only while the “Inferiors” continue to allow themselves to be oppressed.

If the “Inferiors” tell the “Superiors” to go stuff themselves, there is nothing that anyone can do.

Especially in a Country where the Laws are forced to treat everyone as the same irrespective of their Religion/Caste/Gender.

But as long as those in an “Inferior” position continue to allow themselves to be treated in the same way and yet in some way want to stay in the same Religion we will continue to have such Rohith Vemula’s.

Your Birth might have been an Accident, but the fact that You didnt think about making amends about it is what makes the Accident FATAL.

Disclaimer: I, personally, do not believe in discrimination of any kind nor in Castes. The discriminatory words used in the post are purely for getting my point across. There is no reason for anyone to be offended by the usage of those words.

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