Dharma Sena Launched to Combat ISIS …. Desi Kattas V/s AK47s

Uttar Pradesh has come up with the best possible solution to combat ISIS.
An outfit known as Hindu Swabhiman is busy training what it calls a “Dharam Sena” to wage war against the Islamic State (ISIS).
Hindu Swabhiman believes that ISIS will occupy Western UP by 2020.

I am not sure, if they are confident about the Capabilities of ISIS or they have got No Confidence in the Indian Armed Forces, who they assume will be busy cleaning the Ganga and let the ISIS walk all over them….. Yeah Right?

Okay, maybe they dont have faith in the Army. But they dont even have Faith in our 56 inch chest PM??? !!! Thats blasphemous !!!
In any case, the preparations of this Dharma Sena is on, where kids (boys and girls) as young as 8 years old are being taught how to use Swords and Firearms.
Talk about Catching them Young, eh?
They claim that they have 50 such training centers all over UP with around 15,000 people already enrolled in these centers.

This actually should give us a pretty exact count of how many Morons live in UP. And this is actually encouraging since they could find only 15,000 of them from a State Population of 204 million people. Thats like 0.007% 😛


Now, how exactly they are going to fight against the ISIS and defend the Western UP by using sticks, swords, shields and Desi Kattas is a BIG question.
But I am guessing that the idea is to stand in the front of ISIS whenever they appear and hope that they die laughing.
The other question ofcourse is, What is the Administration of UP doing about this whole “Arms Training Activitiy” and once again, I am guessing, that the Administration of UP is doing exactly what it is good at doing ….. Nothing 😛

Perhaps the UP Government can actually help this Dharma Sena and provide them with transport to go and fight against he ISIS in places like Syria where the Combats are actually taking place?

I am sure the US and Russia would be most happy to get the Sword and Laathi Battalion on their side..
Now……While some will see this as the Extreme Radicalization of Hindus, I am sure some will also argue that we do need a Hindu State to combat the Islamic State.
The others will probably read this post, have a laugh and go on with doing their jobs, coz they are the ones who are actually employed 😉
Disclaimer: This post is not meant to insult the Hindu Swabhiman Organization or their Dharma Sena. I have high regards for both of them. Infact I am going to name my next CounterStrike Team as Dharma Sena 2.0

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