Kele Pe Kachra With Ms. Smriti Irani

And on Today’s Show we bring you a Tough one on one session of our Inebriated Interviewer with none other than our Hon. HRD Minister Smriti Irani !!!!!! (Taaliyaan)
II: Maam Firstly Congratulations on being the HRD Minister of India.
SI: Thank You. I like Education.
II: Maam, but your own Education Qualifications are suspect?
SI: Why do you say that? I am the First HRD Minister in the World to get the Coveted Yale Degree in just 6 days. Isnt that an achievement worthy of recognition?

II: True. Maam, so what are your plans to improve the Education system in India?

SI: I have excellent consultation from Hon. Shri Dinanath Batra, under whose able guidance we will be soon developing our School curriculum to include Vedic Science instead of this stupid Chemistry, Physics and What not !!

II: Maam, can you elaborate on that please?
SI: We are wasting our energy learning all the wrong things. With Vedic Science, we will master Artificial Insemination, Stem Cell Technology, Head Transplants.
II: Hmmmmm
SI (excitedly): Our Constructions will improve since we wont need to build bridges over Rivers and Oceans, we can simply throw stones in the water with the name of Modi Ji written on them.
II: Errrrr..
SI: And we wont even need to take flights to go to Sri Lanka, we just need to finish our research on flying Monkeys and we will have cheap eco-friendly modes of transport. Less, traffic jams too, after we figure out how people can ride a Mouse. But I am confident it will be done soon by our Nagpur Based research Center. Rashtriya Science Society.

II: Ok. Ok…Maam, but people claim that there has been no progress so far?

SI: How can they say that !!?? We have introduced Good Governance Day instead of Christmas Party. Modi Ji Day instead of Teacher’s Day. And also Yoga Day. Isnt that progress?

II: But, Maam, people are complaining that there is a compulsion to come to school on these Holidays.
SI: Thats Rubbish!!! The attendance is not compulsory. Its just an optional mandatory requirement.
II: Maam, you are recently in a controversy due to the Hyderabad Student Suicide, any thoughts on that?
SI: The HRD Minister has nothing to do with it. The Letters sent by our Ministry were just General Hello, Hi, Kya Bolte Ho, types. Thats hardly Interfering.
II: Hmmm, Maam, there is a video doing rounds of your Interview with Shekhar Kapoor, where you seem to not even know the number of states……
SI: Thats a TEN year old Video !!! I had just joined the Party then and I wasnt given my notes from Nagpur, as yet.

II: Maam, but you were completely at loss with your answers then?

SI: I was in Bahu Mode then …. Now I am in the Saas Mode !!!!


II: Maam, thank you very much for anwering our questions in such a forthright manner. It was great having you on our show.
SI: Thats okay. I will come back on your show after I am the President of India, I have to leave in a hurry now. I have an Appointment with my Astrologer to discuss New Education Policies to be introduced in 2018.
Disclaimer: Our Inebriated Interviewer has sent in his resignation letter after this Interview. He is planning to be a Research Scientist and study how to Implant a Camel’s hump on his back so that he can retain more Beer.

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