AirLift …… Movie Review

Airlift is the perfect example of how a brilliant script falling into the wrong hands can fail to justice to one of the biggest evacuations the World has ever known.
Dont misunderstand. Airlift is a pretty decent watch and it will keep you engrossed right till the end.
Its just that there was so much more that could have been done with the Movie to bring about the sense of Patriotism that the Director Raja Menon tries to invoke.
But Airlift ends up being all about Akshay Kumar whose character is based on the fictitious Ranjeet Katyal and the entire attempt is on making him and only him as the Best Thing that happened to the Kuwaitis stuck there during the Saddam invasion.
That said, the movie is shot well and Akshay, for once, plays the role of a regular human being rather than the larger than life Superhero that he always tries to play.
Fortunately this was a movie which didnt require Akshay to use more than his usual three expressions
Nimrat Kaur who plays Akki’s wife (in the movie… Twinkle ufff), goes on to show us how having Actors in the movie can make a difference. She gets one big dialogue in the movie and rather than making an impact with it, she makes you wonder, WTF happened?
Purab Kohli is pretty much wasted in the movie along with everyone else. That said, the Saddam’s General Dude was quite funny. I wonder if that was intentional??
The rest of the cast is quite irrelevant since no one else has enough screen time to make an impact.
Thankfully there arent that many songs in the movie and the “Tere Liye Duniya” is quite hummable.
All in all, Airlift can be a good one time watch especially since its not your regular run of the mill movie.
And like all other movies, if you really want to know about the History of the Air India evacuation, I would recommend you read the accounts of those people who were actually present during the original Airlift.
Like my Mom used to tell me when I was young, “Wo Movie mein dikhate hain na…. wo sab sach nahi hota” 😉
Disclaimer: I am officially declaring the #DRF as bankrupt. Since, no one is donating any money into it or scotch bottles, I am going to enrol it into #StartUp India and try and get some Government funding 😛

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