Bermuda Triangle Mystery Explained in the Rig Veda!!!

The Mystery of Bermuda Triangle has finally been explained !!! Yay !!!
Infact according to renowned yet obscure Astro Physicists from India, the mystery was already explained some 23,000 years ago in our very own Vedas !!!!
According to these Vedic Astro Physicists, Rig Veda states “very clearly” that Earth gave birth to Mars.
Right, we are not sure who the Father is, as yet. But the Mar’s Mother definitely is Earth.
Now, when Mars was pushed out of the Earth’s womb, after what could have been a rather extensive Labour process Earth’s, thigh got injured.
Since Ceseareans were not popular so long ago I can only imagine that Mars bit his Mom’s thigh while coming out.
And ofcourse, since we have been obsessed about having a Male child, Mars, ofcourse, was a Male !!
So now Mars is the Big Brother of all Humans born on the Earth, though I fail to see why only Humans and why not Animals too. But hey, thats another story.
So, now we have Mommy Earth lying on the galactic delivery table with her teethy hot headed Son, Mars, gone off to his place in the Solar System leaving his Mother with her thigh bleeding.
Now, the injury was a triangle shaped one and only on one thigh, which made Earth lose her balance and was about to fall or something.
And in comes Ashwini Kumar …. the Doctor of Doctors.
So Dr. Kumar detected that the bleeding was basically because of some iron defeciency and he poured iron into the triangle shaped injury of Earth.
And thats how Earth stopped bleeding but got a little bent.
Thats understandable. If you fill up one of your leg with iron there is no way you can stand straight. Try it !!!
Now this triangle shaped injury which was filled with iron went on to become Bermuda Triangle.
Now, since iron stored inside Earth becomes a natural magnet, Bermuda traingle became a natural magnet attracting everything that came in sight towards it and gobbling it up.
Pretty similar to Ranbir Kapoor who is a natural Chick Magnet and gobbles up every beautiful damsel that comes his way.
Incidentally the Moon was also born out of churning of the Milky Ocean.
The last time I tried to churn a Milky Ocean my Parle G biscuit broke and fell into the Cup.
In any case the Moon is a faithful son of the Earth, since he didnt cause Mommy any injuries and revolves around her like a little boy who never grows up.
Mars however revolves around the Sun, which actually makes me suspect in Sun was the real Father, or did he just add up Mars in his Will or something?
In any case, I do think that this theory makes me suspect to Sun to a large extent and the glow on his face pretty much says “Oh Yes, I have had every Woman in the room”.
Surprisingly, none of the prominent BJP leaders worth their salt have yet to proclaim this theory and I wonder why.
But, all eyes are now on Subramanian Swamy to see if he goes and claims the Bermuda Triangle to be a part of Vedic India and sends his Virat Hindus to start with its Ghar Wapsi.
BrahmaMudra Trikon, anyone??
Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend the sentiments of those who like the Vedas or those who like Parle G.

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