Padma Awards have been declared …. Anupam Kher is on the Top of the World !!!

So the list of Padma Awardees is out !!!
And amongst the list are some names which stand out by themselves.
Shri Shri Ravi Shankar has been given the Padma award. I am guessing this is for making the historical tweet of “$1 = Rs. 40 as soon as Modi ji becomes the PM.” but I might be wrong ….. (Breathes in and out with rapid succession)
To add to that we also have our own Apolitical Anupam Kher on the list. Someone who had himself said a few years back that Padma Awards are fixed. This time since they are fixed in his favor, he is deeply humbled.
But I still feel that Anupam deserved much better. They should have made a whole “Ministry of Spoons and Butter” for him to lead.
Madhur Bhandarkar is also being given a Padma award. Thankfully the Rape Case against him was withdrawn by the Starlet, sometime back. So he didnt really have to beg at a Traffic Signal for one.
And we have Ajay Devgan on the list of Awardees too. It has been brought to my notice that Devgan campaigned extensively for BJP in Bihar. So now, we know why Kajol was never called an Anti-National for working in Dilwale with the Biggest Anti-National SRK 😉
Its not really a secret that the Padma Awards do carry some sort of favourism with it. Every Government does it.
So, I am not surprised and I dont think anyone should have a problem with it either.
And look at the bright side. If and When BJP loses its Power in the Center, they will have their own team of people for doing an Award Wapsi for them 😉
That said, I wonder how the Bhakts are going to react to Sania Mirza getting a Padma Award?? Will they call the whole Padma Awards as Anti-National now??
Their confusion is going to drive them crazy since they wont be able to agree with Sania getting the award especially when they spent the whole last year abusing and trolling her.
Disclaimer: You dont grace Rajnikanth with a Padma Award. You grace a Padma Award with a Rajnikanth ….. Yenna Rascalla ….. (You know what comes next)

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