When Women Fight against Women’s Rights…..

The Shani Shignapur Temple is in news once again.
Remember, this is that Temple in Maharashtra which does not allow Women to enter the Shrine where a Stone, which is said to have powers of Lord Shani, is kept.
So, around 400 Women of the Bhumata Brigade left from Pune with a quest to enter the Shani Temple’s Shrine.
There were even talks of getting there in a Helicopter and landing right on the top of the Shrine, but they finally ended going in a bus.
Perhaps the Helicopter wala didn’t want to risk getting too close to the Saturn??
In any case, these Women were stopped before reaching the Shrine by ……. WOMEN !!!

Oh yes, Women were stopping Women from Protesting against Women not being allowed to enter a Temple.

(I will give the Men two minutes here to Wipe that Silly grin off your face, Women can continue reading)
Havent, I always said that the Women were the Biggest enemies of Women??
Watch any Saans-Bahu serial (if you dare to). Its always the Khadus Saans (Mother in Law) or the Evil Nanand (Sister in Law) who are making life miserable for the Bahu of the house.
The poor weepy Sasurji and the Husband are nothing but puppets in the hands of these Evil Women. And one of them is usually the ever docile, Sanskari Alok Nath, so less said the better.
Now, there were no Reports of any Men joining in the Protest with these Bhumata Brigade Women.
Why?? Well, I am guessing, Firstly, its not “OUR” Problem. And Secondly, Which Man, in his right mind, wants to get caught in a fight between Two Women??
Unless its a Cat Fight between Bikini Clad Babes and they get to watch it from a safe distance while munching on Popcorn (Wife not being at home is an added bonus 😛 )

That said, in this particular case, I find the Protesting Women a Really big bunch of Hypocrites.

Yeah, I know most of you wont agree with this.
But hey, if You want to believe that Saturn is a God and his Powers are harnessed in a Stone in one Temple in One village in one state of one country in this whole world……then you might as well believe the Mumbo Jumbo that they tell you about the same Holy power wala God not wanting the Women to come close to His Shrine.
Disclaimer: This Post is not meant to offend any Religion or God or Planets or Cats or Bikini Clad Babes. No Women were harmed while writing this post. I am not sure if I can say the same about myself after Women read this post.

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  1. SexiLeaks says:

    Classic, unfortunately, women working against themselves. Check out our post Feminists are F*cked. Thanks for writing!


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