Donald Trump confirms that “India is Doing Great” …..

So, its Official !!! India is doing GREAT !!
We have just received this Honor from the greatest Certifying body in the World.
Shri Shri Donald Trump.
Trump in an Interview spoke for the First Time about India. And while he once again managed to criticize China, Mexico and Japan, he was of the view that India is doing “Great”.

I am sure the Modi fans who cheered him at the Madison Square must be jumping up and down with joy at hearing this.

After all this is another opportunity to Chest Thump about when someone like Donald Trump sings praises about you.
And if the Bhakts dont cheer, I am sure the Trumpeteers are definitely going Ga Ga over Indians now.
I can almost imagine the Trumpeteers giving the Indians in US loving stares with moist eyes filled with adoration.
Errrr, Trumpeteers is the term being used for Trump Bhakts, since the term “Bhakts” is already reserved for the worshipers of the 56inch chest Kalki Avatar.
That said, Trump wants to make “America Great Again”. And since India is already doing Great, I am guessing Trump wants to make America into India. Yippee !!!
In the same way as Modi promised to make Maharashtra into Gujarat…..and see how well that is working?
So, here I wait with baited breath, hoping against hope that Donald Trump wins the American Election and becomes the next President of The United States of America.
If he doesn’t, atleast we would have had some good entertainment till the elections happened.
If he DOES, we are guaranteed for FOUR years of non-stop entertainment.

As for the Indians living in America……You cheered Our Trump and wanted him to win. So I hope you will support me in wanting to cheer your Modi and wanting him to win.

Payback Time NRI Bhakts !!!!
Disclaimer: This post is not meant to offend the Trumpeters by coming up with the term Trumpeteers. There is one E extra, like Musketeers, and these guys dont blow their own Trumpet, they blow someone else. (pun intended??)

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