Anupam Kher, Bhen@#@d is not a Word to be used at a LitFest Either !!!

Anupam Kher seems to have become the Latest Thekedar of Morality for Indians.
Sorry, Padma Bhushan Apolitical Acting PM Anupam Kher Zee (to quote his full title).
Move Over Sakshi Maharaj and the Sadhavis of the World, we have a new Badshaah of Blabberdash.
In a recent event held at the Jaipur Literature Festival, Anupam Kher took to the stage to give lessons on Freedom of Speech and Intolerance in India.

And he began with an attack on the Literature Fest itself for promoting dissent in the Country, disrespecting the very platform which gave him a chance to speak.

Well, no one threw him off the stage so, Yes, India is Tolerant even when it comes to Idiots 😉
He also went on to give a piece of advice to anyone who cared to listen.

“Would you say Bhen@#@d at Home?”, he thundered while trying to explain how Freedom of Speech comes with a sense of Responsibility.

Point Taken, Anupam Ji. I don’t think any of us would actually use that word in our homes. But then again, we wouldn’t use that word at a Literature Fest, which had thousands of people sitting in an audience, Men and Women !!
And we wouldn’t use words like “Haramzade” on National Platform, to address a certain section of people in the country either.
Neither would be go about spouting Double meaning dialogues in the Movies referring to nether parts of men and women. Right Mr. “Please Hold My Balls” of the Kya Kool Hain Hum Fame??
So, yes Freedom of Speech does come with a Sense of Responsibility, but the very Gyan that Anupam was trying to give out to the audience seems to be lost on him.

Anupam, further went on to preach, “Can you say to your Father that I will give you one tight slap?? But you can call the Prime Minister of the Nation as a Coward and a Psychopath”.


Ah yes Indeed. We wouldn’t ever say something like that to our Father.
But Anupam Kher seems to have forgotten that Modi is NOT OUR FATHER.
Modi, in his own words, is the Prime Servant of the Nation.
Infact 69% of the Country didn’t even want Modi to be the Prime Minister.
I was amongst the 31% who wanted him to be the PM (Okay, don’t beat me up. I am sorry, mistakes happen 😦 )
But even, I don’t consider him as my Father.

Now, Anupam Kher might be calling Modi his Daddy for reasons best known to him. Sugar or no Sugar. But, that’s between him and Modi. I wouldn’t like to meddle in their private affairs.


Perhaps Anupam Kher forgot that he was not in a Movie where all the dialogues are pre-scripted, but Kapil Mishra of AAP gave him a befitting Reply to him when he took the mic.
Anuam resorted to the only technique which he could use in such cases. He started shouting “Modi Modi Modi” along with some of the Bhakts in the audience, trying to drown out Kapil Mishra’s voice.
Err, Anupam Kher?? Werent you preaching about Freedom of Speech and Tolerance just a few minutes back?
Its pretty clear that Anupam Kher has no clue about what Freedom of Speech or Tolerance actually is.

At the same time its pretty clear, for which performances Anupam Kher has got his Padma Bhushan Award.

Had he got the award a few years back, he might have been remembered in history for getting an Award for his performance in movies like Saransh or Wednesday.
Sadly for him, History is going to remember Anupam Kher getting his Padma Bhushan for his performance on the Jaipur LitFest platform.
Disclaimer: This post is not meant to disrespect anyone who likes to have a Sugar Daddy. Your business is your business however Kinky it might be 😉

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