MastiZaade ….. A Movie Review

 * * * 
MastiZaade is an out and out Sex Comedy. No Holds Barred.
Pahlaj Nihalani must have been dipping his sins in the Ganges while this movie was passed by the Censor Board with, what appears to be, minimum Cuts.
The movie has Sunny Leone in a Double Role, both characters exposing enough Double D emotions through out the movie.
And she does a fantastic job at it. You are most welcome to try to “Coin Test” if you doubt my words there.
The movie has a slightly better story than Sunny Leone’s pre-Bollywood movies.

It does not involve a Pizza Delivery Guy or a Plumber and yet you dont really care what happens in the end.

But the movie does tickle you a bit. The humor is crude, unoriginal and in-your-face but its not crass or “toilet”.
The first half of the movie is actually enjoyable.
The second half brings in the perpetual gay stereotype Suresh Menon who irritaes the hell out of you by biting his lips and making stupid gay jokes for the umpteenth time.
Vir Das has done a pretty reasonable job and manages to get a laugh out of you now and then.
But if Vir Das’s comic timing is 4G, Tusshar Kapoor is 2G. He kinda waits to buffer before he delivers a punch line.
Infact, he might, by far, be the most irritating character in the whole movie, even more than Suresh Menon.
Even the Horse did a better job that him, and they tried to sodomize the horse in the movie ….. perhaps they should have tried to do that with Tusshar in real?? Hmmm, maybe they did?? Thats why the constipated performance?
The songs are actually in synch with the movie. They keep the spirit of the movie and watching Sunny bounce to them is a treat (nah, cant call that dancing or grooving).
All in all, the movie is quite an enjoyable watch.
But, you have to remember that the movie is a Sex Comedy. You should know what to expect.

Dont expect a Plot, Superlative performances, gripping sequences or Intense scenes. The most intense scene is Suresh Menon getting Butt-Poked by a Bag’s Handle.

This is NOT a Family movie. So dont try to watch it with your kids unless you want them asking you, “Mummy…Daddy, Ye Sunny Aunty ke Kapde Kidhar hain?”

It is a Cheap Movie … It is a Dirty Movie …. It has Sexual Humor … It has Boobs being thrown in your face …. It has double meaning jokes …. Thats what Sex Comedies are about.

If you still watch the movie and then come and say “Oh What a Cheap dirtyyy movie” …. you should switch on Aastha channel and watch Ramdev Baba do Yoga in his short saffron ghaghra pulled up to his thighs as he non-stop winks at Shilpa Shetty……that should cool you down.
I have given three stars to this movie considering the Genre it is in. One star is for the guts the Director Milap Zaveri had to make this movie the way he made it. And the other two stars are for Sunny Leone’s Double D performance 😉
Disclaimer: I have heard that Sex Sells, so this review should get me a lot of donations in the #DRF. I am still accepting FULL Scotch Bottles (Boo to those who sent me Empty Scotch Bottles in the mail… hate you). I am also accepting Sunny Leone’s old movies, for the time being.

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