Saala Khadoos …. A Movie Review

** 1/2
Saala Khadoos is your regular run of the mill predictable movie.
Just the fact that the movie has a newbie Boxer and a Coach who sees a spark in her, is enough to predict exactly how the movie is going to end.
And the resemblance to Chak De with the disgruntled shattered Sportsman returning back to the Arena as a Snobbish Coach, with a Vengeance is uncanny.
But other than that the movie is quite an enjoyable watch.

The build up on the relationship between the Coach and his pet student is tackled very well without blowing the romantic angle out of proportions.

R Madhavan, once again, impresses with a splendid performance and convincinginly plays the Khadoos Boxing Coach.
Ritika Singh, however is the surprise. She is one lovable crazy bindhaas girl who has delivered a punch packed performance. Its a pleasure to watch her on the screen, especially in the first half.
The movie tries to focus more on the relationships and the drama rather than on the boxing. So those who are looking to see action packed Boxing matches are better off watching Rocky Balboa.

The movie is pacy and doesnt bore you much despite you knowing what the next scene is going to be.

With the type of movies which are playing on the screens at the moment, if you have nothing better to do, this might be a good watch.
Ofcourse, you have the option of staying at home and watching SooryaVansham or Indra — The Tiger on your TV. Its cheaper and there are still some dialogues which you might not have by heart as yet 😉
Disclaimer: Who the hell sent me the half empty bottle of Santra in mail?? Didnt I say SCOTCH?? #DRF doesnt accept Santra, Narangi or Mausambi and will do sue sue on anyone who sends me that.

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