Just Another Day………..

The young girl looked at her legs which RaamSamujh seemed to be eyeing and pulled down her short skirt a bit in a feeble attempt to cover them up.

How the BJP tried to Boycott the Odd/Even Rule in Delhi….

So, the first phase of the Odd Even Rule in Delhi came to an end and my drunk sources immediately went there to check the response. “The Rule was a HUGE success”, claimed one over enthusiastic AAP supporter while waving a broom under the reporter’s nose. “We had a lot of fun taking pot shots…

Dharnai …. Energy Simplified

Since the past, more than, 30 years or so, the village of Dharnai had not seen electricity. This small village consists of more than 350 households who have been literally living in the dark ages.

JalliKattu……Such a Load of Bull !!

Jallikattu has been in news since the last few days. The BJP Government at the Center in an obvious attempt to woo the voters had lifted the ban off JalliKattu which is the traditional bull-fighting sport of Tamil Nadu. The Supreme Court has at the moment suspended the Center’s notification, thus bringing the Ban back…

Why India Needs Gender Sensitization….

While one 15 year old boy scored a massive score in Cricket …… another 15 year old boy set himself on FIRE just a couple of days back, in Agra. The boy who is apparently a school topper was spotted by some locals while he was “Caught” in a “Gay Act” according to the news…