Delhi Police …. With You, For You, Always????

The Delhi Police is back in action.
They have come down rather heavily against the Dalit Students who were protesting against the RSS office.
The protest was held against RSS and BJP following the Rohith Vemula suicide.
And, apparently, since the Delhi Police hadnt beaten up anyone in the past few days, they took it upon themselves to Lathi Charge the Students along with the RSS people.
Female Protesters were pulled by their hair and thrown to the ground and even the Media was not spared.
Its funny how the Delhi Police swing into action whenever there is a peaceful protest and beat up everyone around them.
Delhi Police can Lathi Charge Students protesting against an Institutional Suicide. They can use Water cannons against the people who are protesting against a Rape Case.
But when it comes to MCD workers throwing Garbage all along the streets of Delhi and Striking of Essential Services, they wont lift a Finger.
Sure, maybe the MCD protest might be totally justified. And I can even understand them not picking up the Garbage. But throwing pre-collected garbage back on the streets as a mark of protest is nothing short of a Criminal Act. Littering is still an offence in Delhi and it doesnt matter who does it.
I am also okay with them selectively targeting the AAP MLA’s despite the fact that the Delhi Government does not pay their salaries.
But, isnt MCD a part of Essential Services when it comes to Health and Sanitation?
What would the Firemen do if they arent paid their wages??
Not douse fires which are generated?? Even better, set buildings on Fire themselves to claim their wages?
Isnt, that exactly what the MCD workers are doing?
However justified, their protests may be, their method of protesting isnt justified and neither is holding a city for ransom when their fight is not with the citizens but with the Government (whether Central or State).
But our dear Delhi Police, will continue to turn a blind eye towards that for reasons best known to them.
But for the moment, do see them in action here:
Disclaimer: The Delhi Police not doing anything regarding the MCD protest has got nothing to do with BJP ruling the MCD, BJP commanding the Police and BJP ruling the Center…. Seriously … Believe Me. Same applies to beating up students who are protesting against RSS. There is no relation between RSS, BJP and Delhi Police.

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