Truth Versus Hype: India Exports Rail Coaches To Australia.. A Make In India Success Story !

India Exports its FIRST BATCH of “Made In India” Metro Coaches to Australia !!!
Yippeeee !!!!
You have 5 minutes to jump around in joy while beating your chest as a Madman.
You have another 5 minutes of Chanting “Modi Modi Modi”
Now, if you are done with that, calm down, sit back and know the truth.

Heard of a Company called Bombardier??


Its a Canadian Company established in 1974, a subsidary of Bombardier Inc.

Bombardier Transportation has been operating in India since quite a few years now.
It has 8 sites in India with 2 of them as Manufacturing sites. The main one being in Savli near Vadodara, Gujarat.
That plant itself has been in operation since almost 2010 when Bombardier won a contract to supply Rail Coaches for the Delhi Metro Project and thats when they set up the Savli plant for obvious reasons of grabbing the ever increasing Indian Domestic market.

Like 100s of other MNCs which have set up their manufacturing bases in India, to avail cheap labour, Bombardier is also focusing on its manufacturing activities in India and exporting cheaply made products outside.

There are around 20 companies that I can, myself, name who are doing the same as Bombardier since more than a decade.
They are making machines, Tractors, Cars, Trucks, Road Building Equipment, Cabins, etc in various places in India and exporting all over the world.
This is the first Export order that Bombardier Transportation India Limited has got. This is NOT the first Export Order that an MNC based in India has got.
And Indian Government has nothing to do with it. Neither did it negotiate the order nor did they execute it.
Bombardier is not a Indian Government Company. (Its HQ is in Montreal, btw)
So, lets get one thing clear. This is not a chest thumping moment for the Indian Government as much as they would like to claim.
The headlines are completely misleading as they claim that the Ministry of Shipping of India is exporting these coaches to Australia.
Sorry to burst your balloon, but this is just another MNC set up in India since quite some time which is exporting from an SEZ (Tax exemptions :P).
This is a contract between the Queensland Authorities in Australia and a Canadian Multi-National.

That, this is being promoted as a Supreme Success of the Prime Minister’s Make In India quest is nothing but an outright Sham, since such Exports have been happening ever since the MNCs started setting up manufacturing base in India way before Modi became the CM of Gujarat, forget PM of India.

This is pretty much similar to the chest thumping that we do when Satya Nadella becomes the CEO of Google, just because he happens to be of Indian origin.
Whats our Contribution to it? Zilch !!!
Who is benefiting from us?? Not us.
Who is getting richer?? Definitely not us.
And yeah !!! Companies based out of SEZ are given special Tax Exemptions.
Remember the time when you were cribbing about boycotting Pepsi and Coca Cola even though it was being Made in India??
Well, all those factors apply to this one too.
And all the reasons that the Bhakts will give to justify how this will benefit India would apply to Pepsi and Coke too 😛
Now, continue to chest thump though all its going to sound like is beating a hollow tin can…..Ting Ting Ting.
But if thats what rocks your boat …. sure why not? 😉
Disclaimer: Indians are a competitive lot with a lot of accomplishments under our belt, but when we chest thump about something that we have no hand in, we look like hired Bandwalas who dance and blow their trumpets while someone else is going to bed the bride.

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