Hungry Kids don’t Embarrass me…..Kejriwal wearing Sandals does !!

So a businessman from Vishakapatnam sent a DD of Rs. 364 to Arvind Kejriwal because he felt embarrassed that Kejriwal wore sandals while meeting the French Prime Minister Hollande.
I think thats a very Noble gesture.

Ofcourse, we arent embarrassed to see half naked, empty stomach kids on the streets begging for their next meal, but we are definitely embarrassed by what Kejriwal wears.

Those, Rs. 364, would have got atleast 7 kids a decent meal. Infact 30 if you were Raj Babbar, he gets a full meal for Rs. 12 remember? 😉
But what I fail to understand is that, this dude spent an entire Sunday afternoon collecting money and could come up with only Rs. 364???
I suppose nobody in his Society likes him, for the obvious reasons 😛
He would have probably collected more if he had stood with a katora outside Dadar station.
And maybe he can actually do that, since he still has to donate money to Manohar Parrikar who can buy shoes instead of wearing Sandals while marching with Armed Forces??

Or are our standards of “Dress Code” applying only to visiting VIP Frenchies and we dont really need to “Respect” our Armed Forces by wearing decent shoes while visiting them? ….. Oh wait, we have lost the respect for our Armed Forces, according to Parrikar himself, so never mind.

That said, Rs. 364 might also buy Mohan Bhagwat a pair a full pants instead of his regular Khakhi Chaddi, especially if he buys them from D-Mart (damn they are cheap).
And while this dude might not be embarrassed to see Bhagwat in his Khakhi Shorts, I am sure those sitting in the front row of the stage, off which Bhagwat gives his speeches, would be blessing him a very very long life 😉
Trust me, the view from the front row while looking up to loose roomy shorts flapping around in the wind can be anything between Terrific to Terrifying, depending on who is wearing them 😉
Anyways, I can think of only one person who doesnt really need a donation for his clothes.

And that is our BJP PM Modi.


He has a dress for every occassion and he keeps adding more and more clothes for every occassion. Along with having 15-20 hats in his closet which he pulls out as per the state he visits.


And Rs. 364 would be too short of Rs. 10 Lakhs too.
Hmmmm, maybe thats the reason Modi has only Rs. 4700 in his hand …. he spends it all on clothes !!!!
Perhaps this Businessman forgot that it was Swami Vivekanand who had said, that, Clothes dont make a man, his character does.

Now, whether Kejriwal’s character is good or bad, in either case, what he wear on his feet is not going to change it.

So maybe the Bhakts like this Businessman can stop feeling Embarrassed by what footwear some CM of some state, that you dont live in, wears, and start feeling Embarrassed about the Poverty in that state which you live in.
But ofcourse, that will not get you your two minutes of fame …. but taking potshots at Kejriwal will definitely earn you a place on Zee News 😉
Disclaimer: While writing this post, I suddenly remembered that I have to buy new shoes. Now I am wondering if I should buy them myself or take a pic of myself in Sandals and send it to this Guy and wait for the donation to come in.

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