We Might Not be Having Enough Toilets…..But Hey, We Do Have Our Own App !!!

Everyone who was complaining about the “Swach Bharat Abhiyan” not being properly implemented can now relax.

The Urban Development Ministry has announced that it would be launching its very own Swach Bharat App !!!

This App would take care of all the implementation problems of the Abhiyan.

Personally, I think that installing Dustbins, building more public Toilets, enforcing strict fines for littering, regular cleaning of streets and taking to task those Workers who are not doing their job should have done the trick.

But hey, I am not in the Government. And there is a reason why these people are in the Government. They are smarter than me.

So, if they say an App will do the trick, IT WILL.

To start with you can use the App to upload pictures of those places which have huge Garbage dumps around your place.

You can use the App to complain about Garbage not being picked up.

You can upvote the Complaints of others if they are consistent.

So basically, you can vent your anger over the App, like we do over the Social Media.

Now, whether the Garbage gets picked up or not is another issue, but venting your anger will definitely make you feel better.

Dont we always feel better when Arnab Goswami comes on Times Now and Scolds a few Pakistanis. Something which we would love to do?? This App will give you the same effect.

Previously your calls regarding Garbage pick ups would be royally ignored by the Corporation.

Now with the new App, your complaints can be ignored even more easily. They dont even have to listen to your reprimands.

So, whether this App works or not, its going to be a surefire success.

Why?? Because we Lurrrvvvv Apps !!!

If there is any App that is launched, we are the first ones to download it, whether we use it or not.

We even downloaded the Narendra Modi App, remember?? I wonder how many people actually use it now. Or whether it even works. The last time I tried to use it got hung and stopped working.

And, in any case, I would prefer that Narendra Modi works rather than his App.

Now, while I understand the Anger Venting platform being created by the Government, I am still trying to figure out if the Government really things that this is the right step to make any strategy succesful.

But then again, Arun Jaitley is launching a You Tube Channel for the Finance Ministry *Sigh*.

If Arun Jaitley thinks that launching a You Tube Channel for the Finance Ministry is somehow going to improve the Economy of India, why shouldn’t the Urban Development Ministry think that launching an App is going to Clean Up India.

The best part about this App is that if you don’t like the App, you can uninstall it, throw it in your Recycle Bin and you will get the Patriotic Feeling of having cleaned up, atleast something in the country 😉

So Sit back all of you and take a Deep Breath, coz your Swach Bharat Problems have just been solved.

Disclaimer: People from Delhi might want to think twice about taking that “Deep Breath”, by the way, especially since you guys are busy holding yours.

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