Stop Falling for the Tricks of the Hate-Mongering Brigade !!!!

The JNU doctored videos case should teach us something.
Just in case, you are not aware of this. The videos which showed Kanhaiya Kumar shouting Anti-India slogans have been deemed as FAKE and doctored by a team of Forensic experts.

All those people who were outraging over Kanhaiya Kumar shouting Anti-National slogans should realize that if they take away those slogans there is nothing really to outrage about and its just another case of a regular Student leader being arrested under charges of sedition and beaten outside a courtroom.

If you take away the Anti-National slogans from the picture, are these things justified?
NO !!!
But here we have reputed news channels showing Doctored videos as real ones and then creating a mass outrage.
And we have a Home Minister who takes a tweet from a doctored Twitter account and creating a terrorist link out of it.

Since the time Social Media platforms like Whatsapp and Facebook have started we have had so many fake posts making the rounds of the Media and people outraging over it.

I have had so many of my own friends posting status which start with
“If this was True, its shocking, its outrageous….”
And what if it wasnt true?? Then isnt it just stupid and plain hate mongering??
Something that you are indulging in too when you are forwarding such photos and videos without verification?
Arent you a part of those people who are spreading hatred and mass hysteria based on what may or may not be lies?
Whats the point of bringing out posts which say “IF THIS IS TRUE…??
Have you ever thought about what a big mistake you guys are doing, “If this was NOT true..?”

My humble request to my friends …. dont believe everything that comes to you on Whatsapp or Facebook.


There are reputed News sites which give you an accurate report. And no Times Now, Zee News and Satya Vijai are not one of these sites. Neither are all those Facebook Pages which you have liked and follow like the Gospel truth.
You can always verify the news bits on three or four different news websites which will give you a perception of what different angles there are to any News which tries to create an outrage.

So while we can shame Sudhir Chaudhary and Arnab Goswami for showing Doctored videos on their popular News shows, we also need to understand that these shows are popular because we lap them up without a second thought.

Lets show some common sense before we jump up and down while forwarding images of 70 ft Mermaid found in some state or videos which start with “OMG this is Shocking”.
Remember that technology has reached a position now where I can make a doctored video of you riding a Monkey on the top of Mt. Everest and that will look like its true.
Wake Up Indians !!! Dont be a Part of the Hate Mongering brigade !! Unless that is exactly what you want to be.
Disclaimer: If This is True, its shocking…… Arnab Goswami and Sudhir Chaudhary to get Doctorate Degrees for Doctoring Videos and Doctoring Mass Outrage so efficiently.

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