B.S. Bassi: Setting New benchmarks in Policing

The Delhi Top Cop B.S. Bassi has been doing somersaults every day.

I really haven’t seen one person do so many flip flops on one single issue.

According to him, Kanhaiya Kumar has been arrested based on Video evidence which has been received by the Delhi Police.

Without going into whether they were doctored or not, its pretty obvious that Bassi thinks that videos, which are yet to be verified in totality, are enough to initiate a mass raid in the campus and arrest Students from their Hostels.

However, when it comes to arresting the Lawyers who were all over the news beating up the students, Bassi claims that he doesn’t have enough evidence.

Even when similar video evidences were provided, Bassi maintains his stand.

Thats okay, Bassi ji, I understand that Videos which appear on ABP Live are not enough evidence. Only videos which appear on ABVP Live are considered as evidence.

That said, Bassi has also commented that the Lawyers cannot be held in custody because they were “innocent until they were proved to be guilty”.

At the same time, Bassi argues that the Student who are arrested are “Guilty until they are proved innocent.”

He has even invited the Students themselves to join the investigation and come up with evidence which proves them innocent.

Somewhere, I feel Bassi has taken inspiration from our National Judge Arnab Goswami, who claims someone to be guilty first and then demands proof for evidence.

Usually in a Democracy, the Constituion always considers everyone as “Innocent until proved Guilty”. And the onus of proving the Guilt lies on the prosecuting party.

So, I can only guess that Bassi learnt the law from some books which were not from a Democratic country.

And then ofcourse, a few days ago Bassi was quite enthusiastic in arresting everyone, left right and center from JNU.

And now when Umar Khalid is sitting in the JNU from the last 2+ days, Bassi’s team is standing outside the college waiting for them to surrender.

Now, I am not sure how this JNU fiasco will turn out to in the end, but I am surely expecting Bassi, who retires end of Feb, to get a pretty good retirement package from the one’s whose orders he is following.

Disclaimer: No points for guessing what B.S in Bassi’s name stands for…

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