Gyan Dev Ahuja, a BJP MLA from Rajasthan has gone on record to say that “JNU students use 3,000 condoms every day and dance naked after 8 pm”

Since I have never been a part of the JNU, I cant really vouch for this but I do feel rather sad that I went to Pune University instead.

No one danced naked there, unless it was a bunch of drunk guys in the Boys hostel and that was quite a repulsive sight unless you were drunk yourself …. *becomes notalgic*.

Now, I can perhaps understand why a MLA from Rajasthan would go all the way to JNU, every day after 8 pm to watch students dancing naked.

I mean, who doesnt like to watch people dancing naked?

People come from all over Maharashtra to Mumbai to go to dance bars, even when the girls there dont even dance naked.

And there is a reason why Indians are one of the largest population hitting on sites like PornHub.

Our voyeuristic tendencies cannot be denied.

But I definitely cannot understand what made the MLA go about collecting used condoms from the JNU grounds and then very sincerely counting them, every day.

Well maybe he was trying to collect balloons for his next party or maybe its just another kind of condom collecting fetish. I wouldnt know.

However, I do appreciate the guy’s patience and dedication at his job, even though its out of his constituency.

I also understand the problem the MLA has with the use of condoms.

Use of condoms prevent women from having 4-5 kids, which is a direct contradiction to BJP MP Sakshi Maharaj’s diktat.

Maybe the Govt in the Center can consider a blanket ban on the use of Condoms all across India and include it under a new act called “Restrictive Rights to Fornicate”.

They can continue with that Rule till Pathanjali manages to introduce Shudh Desi Khadi Condoms with different Vegetable flavors?

“Baingan Flavored Condoms….For those who like to Roll around from side to side”

In any case, any of you people who throw the condoms out of the windows (Oh yes I know some who do, Idiots…), you have to be careful.

For every condom that you throw out of your window, you can be assured that someone out there is counting them.

Disclaimer: All those who complain about what a horrible job you have might want to think about that one person whose job is to count the used condoms thrown on JNU grounds.

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