Dear Modi ji: Blaming imaginary enemies for your own faults is a sign of Paranoia

For the past few days I was wondering what was going wrong with our country.

Just in the matter of a few months we had the Pathankot Terror attack.

Then we had the Jat Agitation which claimed 10 lives and injured 150 people and cost 100s of Crores to the states and the center in damages.

The JNU students arrests case which saw a complete break down of Law and Order, on an incident which could have been a small one but was blown out of proportion.

Lawyers ganging up and beating Students, instead of allowing a proper trial based on evidences, which were allegedly doctored by reputed News agencies to gain TRP and lick up to their masters.

Terrorist attacks in Pampore where our brave soldiers are laying their lives down.

Tribals losing their land due to brash measures taken by the Chattisgarh Government.

Industrial Output being at an all time low and the Rupee getting kinky, trying to do a 69 with the dollar.

The Farmer’s Suicides still continue…..

But after listening to BJP PM Modi’s speech, I have understood why all this is happening.

Its basically because Modi has banned a number of NGOs and they are out to get him.

Thank you so much, Modi Zee, had you not let us know about this, we would have actually thought that we were being headed by an Incompetent team at the Center with a Megalomaniac leader who believed more in PR activities than actual Governance.

I had a friend in College who used to go to classes and sleep in them, always used to carry books with him everywhere he went but never used to study them.

He even wore specs when he didnt even have bad eyes just to put up the impression that he was studious (no the specs frames were not self name engraved).

But he still got pretty bad marks. Whenever I asked him why he thought he got bad marks he used to tell me “Bro thats because I didnt pay my PG rent this month, so my landlord is out to get me”.

Then, I used to think he was an idiot, but now I understand where he was coming from.

The last I checked he was being treated for Paranoia, but I guess thats a different issue.

That said, Modi ji said that a lot of people are unable to swallow that he was a Chaiwala.

Seriously?? The most times anyone has referred to Modi as a Chaiwala is Modi himself.

And though we have seen pictures of Modi’s childhood in suits, NCC cadet uniform and even a doctored one of him sweeping some floor, we havent seen any of him as a Chaiwala.

But hey, I buy that too. If Modi has said that then it must be true.

And if Modi says that the current non performance of the Government is because people cant swallow that Modi was a Chaiwala, I totally believe it.

Disclaimer: These days I am unable to swallow Chai, for some reason, so I have shifted over to Coffee. I hope that is not being Anti-National …. Vande Mataram (just to be safe)

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