Smriti Irani’s Best Performance Ever :)

Smriti Irani has been dominating the news for the last two days.

Apparently, she is trying very hard to push forward a defence for the HRD Ministry.

However, her defence falls flat on many levels.

All she has managed to resort to, in those 40 minutes, is deliver a well rehearsed and well dramatised speech.

What Smriti however failed to address was:

In Rohith Vemula’s case:
– Why was the HRD Minister sending so many letters to the University to pursue one particular case based on a letter by the ABVP guys?
– Why was there no reaction from the Government even after his suicide?

Yes, Smriti did say something about not letting anyone near the dead body of Rohith till the next morning.

However that “FACT” has been refuted by the very Doctor who examined the body 5 minutes after it was found in the front of the cops too.

In Case of Kanhaiya Kumar’s arrest:
– Why did the Cops take up such a Mammoth operation by sending hordes of Cops into the Univ hostels to catch Kanhaiya Kumar, based on a allegedly doctored and unverified video evidence presented to them by the ABVP guys?
– Why is Kanhaiya charged with sedition for slogans that he didnt chant?

Smriti could have fooled the Bhakts who are going GaGa and dancing over her speech, but most of the reasonable people including Solie Sorabjee, are asking the same questions which remain unanswered.

Yes, she does come across as a great orator, I will give her that much.

But if good dialogue delivery is what makes a good Minister, then I would highly recommend Amitabh Bachchan as the next Prime Minister.

His dialogue delivery is par excellence….. even better than Modi Zee’s (I hope saying this is not seditious….in which case Bharat Mata ki Jai) 😛

Disclaimer: After listening to the factually incorrect and a speech filled with mere rhetorics and no concrete reasonings of Smriti Irani all I could do was listen to this song.

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