Aligarh …. A Movie Review


Aligarh is a dark, brooding and tragic tale of Professor Ramchandra Siras who was suspended for being Gay and his subsequent efforts to get back his lost Respect.

The movie is shot with a sense of foreboding which will keep you engrossed in the tale despite not being a racy fast paced T20 type movies that we have become used to.

Rather, its a slow movie which moves at its own steady pace sometimes even coming to a completely standstill just so that you can enjoy one of the old Lata Mangeshkar songs.

The movie is shot beautifully without too much fanfare, but more than the script its the performances of the lead actors which steal the show.

Raj Kumar Yadav plays the Journalist who takes it upon himself to track the Professor’s story and ask all the questions which a Reporter is meant to ask but never does.

Manoj Vajpayee shines as the main protagonist, playing the role of a shy and confused Professor who doesnt know exactly what it is that he has been accused of.

Hansal Mehta, the Director, has done a fine job at keeping the otherwise hyperventilating Vajpayee in restraints and getting one of his best performances out of him.

This is probably one of the boldest role that Vajpayee has ever done in this life and had he taken care of his Marathi pronounciations, I would have called this a flawless performance. (Thats what cost them the half star)

That said, this movie is not everyone’s cup of tea.

For one, its slow, dark and painful to watch and its about a subject which most people would not be interested in and some people, unable to face or digest without turning up their moralistically uptight nose.

The movie is outrightly bold with even a gay scene thrown in it which did have some of the guys giggling nervously.

The best part about the movie was that the Gay characters are not stereotyped into waving their hands about as if they were wing flapping penguins.

All in all, this was a good weekend watch and I would highly recommend this movie….

But only for those who can watch and admire such movies. Those who look at Gays with disdain and consider them as some sort of Aliens who should be destroyed from the face of the earth are better off watching Sooryavansham on Set Max (once again)

Disclaimer: I am going to waive off donations for this movie which you plan to give in the #DRF. Rather you guys can contribute that amount to the Humsafar Trust.
Ofcourse those who insist can come over with a bottle of Amrut Fusion, you are most welcome.

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