Hey, You Nationalists… Are you really planning to pick up a Sword and Kill?

Even while the Budget is being presented a Sangh Parivar meet warned the Muslims of a “Final Battle”

This wouldnt have made much news had it been just another weirdo saying it, but this meeting was graced by MPs and MLAs from the BJP which clearly indicates a full fledged support to the Right Wingers.

Muslims were called Demons and Descendants of Ravana by the speakers.

Perhaps the Muslims should take this as a complement since for one Ravana was a highly intelligent person and for another, Amit Shah is being equated to Hanuman. 󾌪

Some of the speeches were so repulsively hate filled that I dont even want to mention the content of them here.

However, this wont stop the News agencies to report the extracts of those speeches where Hindus were urged to fire bullets and take up rifles for the approaching Uttar Pradesh elections.

Ofcourse, this cannot be considered as “Hate Speech” as it does not incite or encourage violence and has nothing to do with propagating hate of communal disharmony. Right?

I have seen many people on my friends list agreeing to such thoughts and nodding their heads and clapping their hands whenever these speeches are made.

And I always wanted to ask them some questions:

Now, we all know that these people who are giving those speeches are not going to be at the forefront of these riots. They will be sitting in their comfortable secure places with guards around them. So are you the ones who are going to take part in these riots?

Whenever you people say, “Yes In Logon ko na Saala Khatam Kar dena Chahiye”…. Do you really see yourself with a Sword in your hand and a your-party-color bandana around your head stabbing and beheading people??

If you do see yourself as one of those people, what are you going to tell your children when they ask you “Dad, where are you going with your Sword?”

Are you going to tell them, “Sit tight baby, I will be back after killing a few people, I have never met, never known in my whole life, but hate them anyways”

Are you going to bring up your kids hating someone they havent met too?

And if you dont see yourself as one of those people, exactly why are you clapping your hands in glee on such speeches?

Is it because you would like to sit in the back and watch others being murdered and slaughtered by some other people?

Do you get some perverse pleasure by watching people die?

Do you want to be responsible for riots which have caused both sides to lose lives in huge numbers?

Because, if you are one of those who is clapping their hands at such speeches, you definitely are one of those two people I mentioned above.

And in that case, I feel really sorry for you. And I feel sorry for your Kids who will be brought up on all the wrong principles of Hate and Bigotry … of Killing and Justification of that Mayhem under the name of “Nationalism”.

Whether you are a Muslim or a Hindu, it doesnt really matter.

The last I checked, they both die in riots.

Disclaimer: Nationalism: Teaches you to take Pride in Shit that you had nothing to do with and hate people whom you have never met.

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