Can Prime Minister Modi please answer these questions??

Much has been said since yesterday about Rahul Gandhi’s speech in the Lok Sabha.

His sudden found oratory skills and his yet-to-get-rid of goofups when he called the Speaker as Madam.

This usually happens when Politics gets involved.

It was Rahul Gandhi firing questions and Modi at the recieving end, so the viewer was obviously passionate with a bias from both the sides.

But lets take the bias out of the picture.

Lets eliminate Modi and Rahul Gandhi from the situation (not literally, ofcourse) and lets focus on the points raised.

The Amnesty Scheme:

Do you think the Amnesty scheme (and I avoid calling it the Fair and Lovely scheme) is a fair scheme?
People have been hoarding black money from ages and have been using it to buy stuff too, like land for example.
Do you think they should be allowed to declare whatever black money they have left, pay tax on it with a small penalty and get away Scot free?
So, the people who have been honestly paying their taxes should just curse themselves for not having done the same?

The Make In India:

While the Make in India scheme, at the onset, looks to be a fine one has it really generated any jobs? And dont say that one has to wait for a few more years to undo what was done in 60 years. Its not as if the entire population was jobless for the last 60 years.
Has the new Schemes like these actually developed jobs?? How many new recruits have your company hired? What is the percentage of it? Also compare it with how many people were told to leave.

How many new companies have come in? And please dont tell me about the MoUs signed. I am one of the people who have signed those MoUs so I know exactly what that is about. I am just not saying anything about it because I dont want to blow the bubble and would like people to retain their hope that something good would actually happen.

Ease of Doing Business:

Has doing business become easy? How many of you are actually doing business? Has it become easier for you?
Do you now not have to pay the Taxmen under the table? The Excise people? The VAT people? The Factory Inspectors? The Labour Inspectors? Have they stopped demanding money from you?
If your answer to this is Yes, please tell me where you are located and I will float a petition to include my City and my State in that India of yours.

Crude oil Prices:

Is it not a fact that the Crude oil prices have internationally come down from $130 to #35 (give or take a few dollars). Has this benefit been passed on to the common man? Are you buying fuel at cheaper prices where you live, in the same proportion as the fall in the Oil prices?
The last I heard the Diesel rates have gone up, which basically means the Transport rates will go up to.
And dont talk about the Fuel been de-regularised now. The Prices have been maintained by the Government charging more Taxes on the fuel.
So if you are actually paying less for your fuel, proportional to the International drop in the Crude oil price, please tell me where you live, I dont mind relocating.

EPF Taxation:

Do you think the EPF tax is fair? First the Government forces you to give them a part of your salary. EPF is a compulsory deduction. Then the Government does not let you take out your own savings without taxing it. Remember that, EPF was a fund which most middle class people used to rely on for buying a house or getting their daughters married off.
Does this Tax seem to be a good thing to happen for you?

You will not that I have deliberately avoided Rohith Vemula and the JNU issues. These are subjective issues and lets not disturb the narrative by shifting focus to social issues, atleast as far as this post is concerned.

Now, perhaps you would like to answer these questions.

Not to me, but answer them to yourself.

And if you think everything is Perfect, then congratulations to you and you can declare that I am biased.

Yes, Yes, I know. This is all good for the country, it will improve the economy by 2030, why didnt I ask these questions when Congress was in power, why am I asking these questions when Jawans are sacrificing their lives at the border (Respect to them) and What about Malda.

Disclaimer: For all NRIs who plan to come preaching to me about how the situation in India has changed, while I live in India and you dont, remember that I am fervently praying to your God that Donald Trump becomes the next POTUS.
(Bharat Mata ki Jai ….. Just to be safe)

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