Jai Gangaajal (Movie Review)


Jai Gangajaal picks up from where Gangaajal started, rather than where it ended as sequels usually do.

Infact, it can hardly be called a sequel, since it has absolutely the same story and same script as the Ajay Devgan starrer.

New Cop takes charge, corrupt cops change into nice ones, Mafia cum Politicians, Public taking Kanoon in their hands…

Prakash Jha seems to have learnt the art of repackaging the same ole kurkure in a new packet from the Masters of the Game.

But unfortunately the tactic doesnt work.

This is an out and out Prakash Jha movie.

No, I mean literally.

Prakash Jha is all over the movie. Not only in the style that it has been shot or the subject that it plays with but also on the screen.

He has so much screen space that it makes you wonder why they actually took Priyanka Chopra in the lead role and why should it be called a Lead role in the first place.

But anyways.

The movie by itself is supposed to show the underbelly of the Bihar but all it ends up showing is ….. YES …. Prakash Jha !!!

Okay to be fair to him, he has done a convincing job, but we dont want to see so much of him in the front of the camera.

Priyanka gets her two minutes of fame, now and then but she lacks the punch. She is too made up and too smooth to be the tough Cop that she tries to portray.

Actually after getting an intensive FBI training, she shouldnt have ended up being transfered as a SP in Bihar Police force, that can hardly be called a promotion.

The movie fails to enthuse you and after the Interval you start feeling as if it was you who wrote the story.

Even the supposedly gross and gory scenes lose their impact since the movie is so repetitive.

At the most you can watch the movie just to pay respect to Gangaajal…. more like last respects, coz this movie kinda lights the pyre of Gangaajal and casts the ashes into the Ganges.

Disclaimer: The #DRF lines have always been open, just in case you have missed them. Now I could have written a very good review for this movie and egged you to watch it. But I didnt. Coz I am nice. Now its your turn to be nice !!!! DONATE !!

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