Rahul Gandhi …… The Mouse who Roared ..

Rahul Gandhi launched a full frontal attack directly on BJP PM Modi in the Lok Sabha today.

He attacked the Government on the JNU issue, the Rohith Vemula issue and even took a ‘panga’ with the “Babbar Sher” of #MakeInIndia.

He was smooth, unwavering and did not falter in his speech.

He did make some good points which were worth considering, but thats another story.

What was impressive, was the change in RaGa.

I would have never imagined that there would come a day when I would listen to RaGa speeches without laughing my butt off.

The only time I laughed was when RaGa spoke of the “Fair and Lovely” scheme, and that was intentionally funny.

He made virtually no goof ups.

No waking up in the morning at night and this time the Women who gave their milk to Gujarat were also spared.

These days people like Shirish Kunder and Kamal R Khan are trolling the Bhakts on Twitter and winning.

And now, Rahul Gandhi wins atleast some brownie points with the Public in Lok Sabha.

This makes one feel that the time has come for Modi to start introspecting.

No, no. This has nothing to do with the points that RaGa made. They can perhaps all be countered by Modi’s army of Bhakts.

But when someone like Rahul Gandhi manages to take your case in such an eloquent manner and with such confidence, you should start worrying about whether you are “Losing It”

Now you are free to call me a Congressi/Khagressi based on this post, but one thing is for certain. There was only one “Babbar Sher” roaring in the Lok Sabha today and that was Rahul Gandhi.

Disclaimer: The resemblance of Rahul Gandhi to the MGM lion “Meow”ing before the Tom and Jerry was purely coincidental.

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